Letter to the editor – Calling all former students of Madeline Wood!

Here is an invitation to all piano and voice students of Mrs. Madeline Wood, including high school choruses, choir members as well as the former students and choral students, choir members, voice and piano students of Becky Orr, Kathy King, Jean Cooper, Sue Cutts Tarver, Regina Weeks, the late Ricki Prewitt along with and any and all students of their students. Please attend the Choctaw County Homecoming for the legendary Blackwood Brothers Quartet this Saturday, March 29, 6:00 pm at Ackerman Baptist Church where you will be recognized as a former student of Madeline Wood. As a part of this concert by The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, we’ll honor the influence of the Blackwood family legacy in Choctaw County by recognizing the 80-year legacy of quartet and the awesome influence of Madeline Wood, daughter of Lena Blackwood Cain, the only girl in the first generation of Blackwood singers.  Ackerman and Choctaw County have long been recognized as producing superior music students and it is no secret that the foundation was set by amazing musical skills of Madeline Wood who taught for many years in the school system and church. Please come for a great night of worship and honoring the legacy of the Blackwood family in Choctaw County.

Buddy Smith