Jail docket

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 10 incident offense reports and 101 miscellaneous incident reports last week.

3/7/14    Wayne Harris   W/M   10/26/56  Calhoun Co    Hold For Calhoun County

3/7/14    Latesha Moore    B/F    3/11/82     CSO  Poss. Of Alcohol, No D.L., No MVL, Child Restraint Violation & Failure To Comply

3/7/14    Samuel Brewer     W/M    3/17/72   CSO   DUI Other, Susp. D.L., Poss. Of Paraphernalia, & Poss. Of Marijuana In Motor Vehicle

3/8/14    Jonathan Adams    W/M     1/4/82    CSO   Driving W/Susp. D.L.

3/9/14     Johnny Salter      B/M     10/24/49    APD  Driving W/Susp. D.L..

3/9/14     Cedric D James      B/M   6/27/83   CSO   Driving W/Susp. D.L.

3/10/14    Samuel Solis       H/M   9/9/75       APD   No D.L.

3/10/14      Danny Jernigan      W/M      5/28/64    CSO   Domestic Violence

3/11/14     Donald Wilson        B/M        5/16/87     APD   Disturbing The Peace

3/13/14    Joe Shields          B/M    CSO    Transferred For Work Program