In our community – God’s Love

Francie Hemphill

God’s love is like a Bartlett blooming pear tree, it is beautiful for who takes time to behold it. Thank you Heavenly Father for nature for if not Mother Nature but Father God who produces such beautiful things that take your breath away for a fleeting moment. Ecclesiates 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: SPRING TIME for lover who loves to walk the crooked path at a peaceful lake, SPRING TIME is for children to enjoy a community park or a local haven for children to be free and secure. SPRING TIME is for preparing to plant flowers, fruits, and vegetable plants to enjoy fresh cut flowers and to prepare a fresh pick salad with that special someone. I love the fact that the green grass began to show new growth and soon there will be a need for a fresh hair cut soon. The sound of different birds singing in the far away distance that can be heard miles away. I can remember the purple and white Irises that my late mother Ellen Jewell transplanted from Mr. Bailey old house place into her yard. I wonder how old those plants are really are, they make the best cut flowers to enjoy in the inside. I also got some old Iris plants from my late mother-in-law Mrs. Annie Mae Hemphill and plum trees that already producing fruits if those old trees and plant could talk. What a story they could tell. It just like people passing their gifts and talent down to the next generation people pass their plants and shrubs down to the next generation and when you see them in full bloom it brings you joy and great memories and a part of your love one still is living on through the plants that they nurture and took care of. St. Luke Full Gospel Baptist Church held their pastor and wife 17th year anniversary on March 9 at the Community Center in Ackerman, theme It’s a New Thing. The guest speaker was Pastor John Cox of Pleasant Grove F.G.B. Church Order of service Mistress of Ceremony Sis. Alice Ashford, Processional Pastor Levon & Elect Lady Dorothy Murphy. They was escorted by Bro. Levon Jr. and Sis. Fanecia Murphy and Elder Billie Murphy.

The Praise & Worship was performed by St. Luke Praise Team. Scripture was read by Minister Angela Miller and the heartfelt prayer was spoken by Pastor Michael Love. A welcome was giving my Sis. Akeyla Fox. The ministry of giving was lead by Deacon Carl Fair and Deacon Stoney Meeks. Elect Lady Mattee Cox introduced the speaker of the hour, hour, her husband Pastor John Cox of Pleasant Grove Church. The title of his message THE GLORY OF THE LATTER HOUSE WILL BE GREATER THAN FORMER HOUSE. What an awesome word Pastor John Cox gave to the people.

Presentation of gifts and special gifts was giving by Deaconess Lorene Meeks. St. Luke congregation, friends, families, showed Pastor Levon and Elect-Lady Murphy so much love, on the day that was set aside for their honor for all they do for the Kingdom of God. I love beautiful decorations and Sis. Juliette Ashford and her team did a great job with the beautiful orange and brown decorations that was displayed at the services. A great big THANK YOU to everyone who made this day a blessed one to Pastor Levon and Elect-Lady Dorothy Murphy.

Unity Church in Louisville invites you to all of our services, we encourage you to come to Bible Study, Sunday School, and prayer services, as well as worship service. Bishop Joseph and Prophetess Charlotte Berry are our spiritual leaders. Love your spiritual leaders enough to lift them up in prayer. JESUS is coming back soon when I don’t know, but I pray we all be ready when He return. If you don’t know JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOR this would be a great day to invite JESUS into your heart. Francie loves you, but I got to tell you the truth, JESUS IS LORD.