Representative Hood gives weekly update

Rep. Joey Hood

JoeyHood02-20Tuesday, March 4 was deadline day to move all general bills received from the Senate out of committee and onto the House Calendar. The majority of House committees met and workedhard to clear their committee agendas of any bills.

Members covered a lot of ground on the House floor Wednesday and Thursday as they addressed numerous Senate bills, many mirroring previous House bills. Many of the Senate bills that passed adopted the “Strike-All Amendment” put in place by House members. When a “Strike-All Amendment” is adopted, the House language is inserted into the Senate version of the bill. In most instances, the language between the two chambers is identical, except for minor changes. However in other instances, the nature of the bill is changed more dramatically. In either case, the bill goes to “conference,” whereas three members from each chamber meet to reach a compromise on the wording of the bill.

Concealed Carry Permits for Disabled Veterans

I authored House Bill 764 which grants disabled veterans an exemption from the cost of a concealed carry permit and its renewal cost. This exemption also applies to current law enforcement. The Senate passed the bill and Governor Bryant signed the bill into law on March 6. Our disabled veterans have served our country and protected our Second Amendment rights. I am proud to honor their service to our country by allowing them to have a Mississippi concealed carry permit at no cost.

Community Health Centers

Senate Bill 2829 authorizes the 15 community mental health centers in Mississippi to begin seeing primary care patients. Because access to healthcare in some areas of Mississippi is limited, this provision would allow mental healthcare physicians the authority to also treat patients for primary healthcare needs. Each clinic would have an opportunity to invest in this practice or refrain from it as no money is being appropriated. Members passed the bill unanimously.

Public Land Purchase

Senate Bill 2394 allows corporations to purchase public lands sold or forfeited to the state for delinquent taxes. This legislation addresses, specifically in urban areas, condemned and run down properties. Purchase of these properties may help revitalize areas. The bill passed by a vote of 95-21. I voted for the bill.

I would like to thank the people of District 35 for allowing me the opportunity to serve. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. You can contact me at the Capitol at P. O. Box 1018, Jackson, Mississippi 39215 or call (601) 359-3339. You may also email me at visit my website at