In our community – Spring Break

By Lisa Harris

Well this is the month that makes me start to anticipate spring. It is the month that offers a week to take a vacation from all the “fake working” at the workplace and get some well deserved R&R. It is hard to look busy all day and now that they have extended my day by thirty minutes it’s even harder. It is time for a BREAK!

It never quite feels spring like during the spring break. The temperature is not quite at a springtime level. I think our winters are still taking place throughout March and part of April. The forecast could call for sunshine or snow. It is a toss up. This time of year we get to spring forward. It stays lighter longer in the afternoon and is darker when we get up. I don’t know why we don’t abolish the resetting of the clocks. I don’t really get what it is for. I don’t like to reset mine at night. I like to wait until the morning to set the clock back an hour, so it feels more like I have gained an hour. During the spring forward I must reset at night or I will be late, and that is something I try not to be! I’m sure anyone who knows me would say, “LIAR” about now. Yes, I have been tardy a time or two in my lifetime, but I am working on it. What some call rude I call FASHIONABLE.

This time of year we break out the ole fishing poles and head down to the fishing hole in an attempt to catch a mess of fish. I’m not much of a “fake bait” kind of girl. I prefer a worm attached to my hook and a colorful cork to stare at. I like to watch it go under! Crickets are less messy but the little bait snatchers can get them off too easily without getting hooked. It’s also creepy shaking them out of the hole in the container. Touching a slimy worm for some reason does not disgust me out as much. You can even pinch them into two or more parts and save some for later. Note to self: When saving worms for later in the fridge, make sure the lid is on tight. It’s kind of a creepy experience to open the fridge door and see worms hanging every which way in the door compartments. That still doesn’t bother me as much as grabbing a cricket.

This is the time when the fish guard their beds after the mom lays her eggs. They don’t want to bite since they’re in protection mode, but if you dangle that worm on top of the bed, they will eventually bite it. I am usually hoping to find a “dead beat dad” kind of fish who isn’t standing guard but only looking out for himself. They are a tasty delicacy.

Campers will file into Choctaw Lake and various other parks to celebrate the kids being out of school. They will get back to nature. We used to tent camp there and pop up camp, but the kids are not as interested since they’re too busy being COOL and stuff like that. The younger two were the only ones who liked to go anyway. I can’t tell you how many times I went to bed with the husband and older one there and woke up to them gone. Good grief! They didn’t even leave a note stating that they were too civilized to make it in the harsh conditions of Choctaw Lake. I had to go it solo. My BFF was always there, but I usually went to visit her. She was in the upper class section where the RVs were parked. I was in tent and pop up camper section. The boundary lines were not visible and yet they were still there. I didn’t want to shame the poor girl, so I crossed the borders into her “le bourgeois “estate. When she did come to my HOOD I made sure she was out before dark. It gets rough in TENT/ POP UP CITY. The décor calls for yard decorations such as pink flamingos. During the night it’s fun to place them in the “le bourgeois” section of the campground. Then you can walk by and make fun of their hideous decorations while they sit outdoors sipping tea and lemonade. I think I will do this then walk up and ask, “Pardon me do you have any Grey Poupon?” and then comment on their lovely decorations. Hopefully they would just then notice that they have lots of pink flamingos on their lot.

Any how, or (any hoo) as I like to say, I hope that when this reaches the paper I will be visiting some exotic place for the spring holiday, but the odds are against that. Perhaps I will be at a quaint cabin fishing on the river or something of that nature. Oh well, wherever my path leads I will be CHILLAXIN.