In our community – The Blink of an Eye

By Lisa Harris

Things sure are changing with my children. It seems that when children are young, we as adults want them to get to the next stage of development in the hopes of making our life more convenient. Now I think I want time to slow down! I want to recapture some of those younger years that seemed to fly by. I have a 23 year old, a 16, year old, and a 13 year old. They are MY THREE SONS like the old television sit com. I remember Chip, Ernie, and the older brother. I am not comparing my kids to these boys though. Mine are more like Huey, Dewy, and Louie off medications. You have heard of sibling rivalry. These boys need a full time referee! When does the brotherly love stage begin? I think they have confused the brotherly love vows with the vows of (Until Death Do Us Part).

The eldest is going to college and working part time. He even filed a tax return this year. What happened to the little Matt who would dance and sing to Sesame Street Rock and Barney? I remember him busting his chin on a merry go round at Six Flags. I guess I could’ve been wealthy had I filed a lawsuit, but it wasn’t my style. Styles are always changing though. He used to ride a little bike with training wheels. Those training wheels stayed on until sparks began to spray when he made a curve. Maybe he was the inspiration for the Razor Spark Scooters. Dang! I could’ve been a millionaire! Live and learn!

The middle child is growing up too. He did not need a ride home from church the other night. He showed me that he had gone with his dad to the highway patrol and passed his intermediate driving test. He had a little bit of new attitude like he was Lightning McQueen. His car looks more like Mater. They must have lowered the bar on passing scores since he admitted that he failed to come to a complete stop before turning right on red. Shouldn’t that have been an automatic FAILURE such as cheating, plagiarism, and taking steroid enhancements? Guess he used his charm and batted his brown eyes that he used to call “chocolate” as a child. He was my “little brown bear” since his skin coloring displayed a yearlong tan. Soon he will be leaving high school in a couple years and pass on to the next stage of life.

The third child is getting taller than me, and I think he will be the tallest of all. Thank goodness he has decided to let his hair grow out some. He stood next to me in the mirror recently and showed me that he was taller than me. He told me that my stick up morning hair did not count to my height. He is my little firecracker! You don’t want to light his fuse or he is going to create quite a DISPLAY! I remember when he had baby fine blonde hair and called fishing bait “frickets” and pushed around a play “fruck”. Now he is texting a girl two years older than him. Good grief!

We cannot stop time from passing. The old days are gone except for videos and photographs. Enjoy the little ones crawling and even whining. Enjoy them when they are running wild and makings a mess. Enjoy them when they cannot do anything for themselves. Enjoy them when you haveto carry them around. Even enjoy them when they are having a tantrum. Well, that one never ends. Just remember that time passes in the blink of an eye, and it is impossible not to blink