In our community – God’s love

God’s Love

By Evangelist Francie Hemphill

God’s love is like a new red comforter set, it warms and protects us from the cold weather. Thank you Heavenly Father for your goodness and you keep us protected no matter whatthe weather might bring to us. St. John 16:7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

Thank God when Jesus left He did not leave us all by ourselves, but He left the Comforter who teach us and guide us the right way. You might have not finish grade school, high school or went to college but Praise be to the Comforter He is the best teacher you could ever have. Don’t let people tell you, that you can’t do this or that because you do not have the education for the position, when God give them a gift that an education cannot buy. When you have the wisdom of God, the knowledge of God, it like you been promoted to a higher grade and man just be scratching their head because they still trying to figure out how you got that position, all things are possible to those who believe. The words of God say the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. I will not complain about this weather because it could be worst than we have to be dealing with, this too shall pass, we must have enough wisdom to prepare for the weather, if you are not use to driving on the slick roads then wisdom should tell you to stay off the roads, and stay warm and safe. If you see a lots of cars piling up why in the world would you go and put yourself in the middle of a pile up wisdom will tell you to stay in a place that is safe and warm, something we don’t have to be a part of.

Jesus is coming back when I don’t know but He is coming back and if we are not ready to go back with JESUS when he return, question? Are you prepared for that home that you will live forever in, if not this is a great day to invite JESUS into your heart and receive him as your Lord and Savior, please don’t be caught without getting your business fix up with the Lord. JESUS IS COMING BACK.

I pray that we all be ready when He come. Francie love you but I got to tell you the truth is Lord!!! Mr. Melvin, Mr. Sergio, Mrs. Nikki, AJaye, Kenya Leigh and I pray that this day is a joyful, peaceful, and a loving day for you. We invite you to all of our services at UNITY CHURCH in Louisville take time out to come to Sunday School, Bible Study, Prayer Service, for we know without the teaching of the words and being a doer of what the words of God said is non-effect, Bishop Joseph and Prophetess Charlotte Berry are our spiritual leaders love your spiritual leader enough to lift them up in prayers daily, for we will never know what they have to go through to bring us a word from the Lord Jesus I want to say I love you and thank you for loving all of us for I am not ashamed of the gospel.

God’s Love

Evangelist Francie Hemphill

God’s love is like the gentle breeze of wind, you can’t see it but you feel it and know it is there. Thank you Heavenly Father for all of your creations I will forever Praise your Holy name!!!

I know I am rushing spring. We still have a week to go before the spring season arises. I love to see the birds come and start to build their nests, and hear them sing sweet melodies at my window. Every year the blue jays make their nest in a purple crepe myrtle that I got from my late mother Ellen Jewel Brown’s mother plant. It’s amazing how my late mother’s legacy for the love of live plants live on as year after year I watch new families raised up their baby birds as they grow up and fly out of the nest.

It was hard at first for me to deal with empty nest syndrome, but when I embrace the freedom to go without taking little ones with me all the time, I soon got over it real quick. Now we have a dog that needs just as much care as a child. I want to encourage those who maybe going through a season in your life that all the children are not out of the house and you don’t hear the laughter or the noises that you are familiar with if you go out and be a servant to someone who needs your tender loving care you will be alright.

Spending time in nursing homes or maybe a place where young children need special attention will fill your day with joy and love and you don’t have time to be lonely. You can always visited your grown children and see your grandchildren but I am here to tell you life does go on and it’s a beautiful thing to enjoy quiet time with your spouse it’s like falling in love all over again. To all those going through empty nest syndrome you will wake up one day and say FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST THANK GOD ALMIGHTY I AM FREE AT LAST!!!

Spring time to me is getting the garden prepare to plant a new season of fruits and vegetables, I love to put a seed in the ground and watch it grow into a mature fruit or vegetables, if you don’t have patience gardening will teach you how to have patience and wait on the fruit of your labor, it’s a good thing to have a hobby that you love to do and it gives me the much needed exercise to keep this 50-plus body to keep on moving, it’s like killing two birds with one stone and I sleep so much better at night for doing it.

Hosea 10:12 Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you. Just like a good gardener know before you sow seeds in the ground you first have to break up your fallow ground, so you will be planting in good ground to you can get a return on the seed you sow, remember whatever you sow you will also reap if you sowing mercy you will reap mercy, if you sow love you will get a harvest of love back.

I always say if you don’t like what’s coming up in your spiritual garden change the seeds you are sowing. THE GIRLFRIENDS MINISTRY AT THE BROKEN WINGS MINISTRY had a Valentine’s Celebration at the BROKEN WINGS Bro. Rodger Griffin prepared a great meal for the BROKEN WINGS CREW, the food was great and we just want to say THANK YOU for the great hospitality you showed to us. The GIRLFRIENDS Ministry is a group of women who love JESUS that come from different background and serve in different dominations and different races coming together and learning from each other.

We all bring a different flavor to the table but in the end we are learning WE WORK BETTER TOGETHER. We want to thank Sis, Alies Theres for all she do for the GRLFRIENDS MINISTRY WE LOVE YOU and we appreciate all you do, I believe in giving people their honor while they can see it and hear it. Thank you from all the women at the GRLFRIENDS MINISTRY. UNITY Church in Louisville held a Back History Service on Feb. 9. themed Acknowledge the Past, Embrace the Present, Look forward to the Future. Sis. Edith Dotson was the mistress of Ceremony and she did a wonderful job, Prophetess Charlotte Berry gave our prayer while the Unity Praise Team sung a heartfelt number unto the Lord and those that were in the congregation.

Sis. Raven Glenn gave us the welcome and Sis. Tammie Eiland gave up us Acknowledging the Past, Sis. Nanette Clark talked on Embracing the Present, while the Unity Praise Dance Ministry danced to look forward to the Future. This service was ordained by God. Some of the special guest were Winston Co. Supervisor Mrs. Gloria Turnipseed, Winston County winning football coach Mr. M.C. Miller, a humble gentleman who had a patent of his invention, Winston County Law Enforcement, and others Elect Lady Synthia Williams introduced her husband Rev. Leon Williams for the guest speaker of the hour, from Northside Baptist Church, Columbus, Rev. Leon Wiliams spoke a word.

Title YOU LOOKING AT CANAAN BUT YOUR HEART IS STILL IN EGYPT. God spirit was in the service at UNITY CHURCH to God be the glory for the great things he has done. Mr. Melvin, Mr. Sergio, Mrs. Nikkie, AJaye, Kenya Leigh and I pray that you move ahead and don’t look back because your destiny is in the front of you, may the blessing of God overtake you all is our prayer. JESUS is coming back when I don’t know but I pray we all be ready when He comes. Francie love you but I got to tell you the truth, JESUS IS LORD!!!