In Our Community – Living to die

By Rev. Howard Lewis

These days death is a big business and things seem great for funeral homes, but not for the sinner man. As we live the thought of death can be very scary. But when you are a child of god death means everlasting life.

There are a lot of things we don’t understand about death, which causes our heart to ponder and become fearful. We wonder why god takes those we love so much and turn around and leave those we think he should have taken.

The bible teaches us that everything has a time and a season. In Luke 12:7 the bible says, “The very hairs of your head are number.” Not only that but job 14:1 says “man is born of a woman a few days and those days are full of trouble.”

Our children don’t understand sometimes the passing of a parent or a sibling. We should teach them the difference that we are not animals, and this is not lion king and we do not move in the circle of life, but death is an appointment that has been order by god.

There are those who expect to live forever on this earth. They are going about their business everyday casting troubles and strife in others lives, not caring about tomorrow or their homegoing and living each day without the leadership of Christ.

Hebrews 9:27 says, “ and as it is appointed unto a man once to die, but after this the judgment.”

Death is a sure thing. One day we all will have to stand before Jesus at the judgment seat. We want have to tell him all the things others done to us, nor about our troubles. We want have to inform him of mistreatment from others or that we didn’t do what he inquired of us. Why? Because as deity he already knows. He has your record just like he got mine and every other soul on this earth.

So while you are judging others, pointing fingers and doing your best to make others lives miserable remember we are all living to die.

Just as everyone was born, one day everyone must die. So as the song says “get right with god and do it now.”  We must realize that only what we do for Christ will last. That’s right, for we know not the time nor the day or the hour when the lord will surely come. (Matthew 25:13)

Some of you are waiting for the eastern sky to part, but it parts everyday for somebody. (Amen somebody) so if you have not accepted Christ as your personal savior I compel you to do so. Just say; lord Jesus I believe you are the Son of God and that one day you will return to receive me unto yourself, and by the confession of my faith unto you I now am saved.

If you said this short prayer and believe in that Jesus is the Son of God, then you can have everlasting life that even if you die you shall live. Please go to a church of your choice, get baptize and continue in the word of god. Be blessed, Rev. Lewis