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What is the cost of such a gesture?

In his State of the State address last week, one proposal by Gov. Phil Bryant got a standing ovation from many Mississippi lawmakers and other state officials in the audience. That was to add the nation’s official motto, “In God…

The importance of preventive care for all pets

Our pets age much faster than we, as humans, do. A human’s life expectancy is approximately 80 years. A dog’s life expectancy is approximately 10-15 years. A cat’s life expectancy is approximately 16 years. So, if you think about

In our community

Real Love By Rev. Howard Lewis Often times as we seek love in so many places that we tend to find it everywhere accept where it really lies. We look for love in pets, strangers passing, books, and food. We…

Letters to Editor

A great visit A group of men, ranging in all ages, recently made their annual trip to Choctaw County for the “7th Annual Bruce Burney Memorial Weekend”.  Although, this was only the


Mrs. Mary Louise Howell January 21, 2014 Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Louise Howell, 83, were held at Ackerman Baptist Church in

Jail docket

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 61 miscellaneous incident reports and eight incident offense reports last week. 1/17/14 Phillip Duckworth W/M 12/12/55 CSO Poss. Of Firearm By Convicted Felon 1/18/14 Tony Miller