Letters to Editor

A great visit

A group of men, ranging in all ages, recently made their annual trip to Choctaw County for the “7th Annual Bruce Burney Memorial Weekend”.  Although, this was only the 7th in his memory, this years gathering of friends was believed to be year number 20 or 21.  This all began when Bruce made sure, that once a year, old buddies – hunting, high school, college, life, and even new acquaintances- would gather at his farm each year in January.  To say the least, this has become a very special weekend for a special group of people.  Those in your community who make this weekend so special – and they know who they are- deserve a huge thank you.

As I write, I also must commend the Town of Ackerman and you, the people of this unique small town, on having a rare sense of pride and love for your town and community.  One of my joys each year while there is to ride around and see a few places of memory.  As I did, it was pleasant to once again observe the general well being and upkeep of your city.  From homeowner pride with their homes and yards to the care of businesses and public places- it was refreshing to see a small town thriving.  Even upon visiting a couple of local merchants, I was greeted with friendliness, smiles, and genuine hospitality.

It is my hope that you continue to make Ackerman the neat little small town that it is.  Bruce would be proud of his hometown.  I look forward to the next time I get to visit, and I know there is a group of men looking forward to another January weekend next year.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Dale Dumas