Teens and Social Media: Posting violent video occurs

By Daniel Brunty

The Choctaw Plaindealer


With our culture steadily incorporating social media into our everyday lives, it is important that communities recognize the effect it is having on our younger generations.

Teenagers are one of these groups that are heavily influenced by social media and its appeal. With their appetite for affirmation and attention from their peers, many are known to “act out” to get that approval with violent acts that they post on social networks.

An incident that occurred on or around January 2 in the Ackerman area is one such example. A video of a group of teenagers and young adults engaged in a physical altercation was posted on a social media website for everyone to see. With the incident still under investigation, the Ackerman Police Department has not released details of the case at this time.

Yet, parents of some of the teens have spoken to local media outlets with accusations on both sides with the police investigation and possible charges pending. While the factors leading up to the incident are conjecture, this incident has led the community to be aware of this new age of conflict resolution. With any small town, modern technology is somewhat new for parent-aged residents. Most of the time, only the children or young adults are aware of social media’s effects on their everyday lives.

This incident should be an eye-opener to parents and/or guardians that social media is a huge part of a teenager’s life. By being familiar with the types of social media, and other aspects of it, a parent can be better prepared to deal with issues that their child may run into.

The video has since been removed from the sites it was uploaded.