Never too late for Santa

AES-Kindergarten-Mrs. Berry’s Class

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus? We are all well and looking forward to our Christmas

holidays. We have all tried very hard to be good this year and our teachers say we have done a pretty good job!

For Christmas this year we would like:

Aaden Blaine – elephant game

Jayden Carter – a bike

Tristin Hayes – a dirt bike

Kara Hollis – a TV on my wall

Will Jewell – Disney Infinity

Brooklyn Jones – a bike

Staci Kelly – a pink BB gun

Carson King – a toy trackhoe

Adelynn Lane – something special

Jerry Lenard, Jr. – some cars

Braidon Denning – a bike

Connor McClure – a Batman cave

Katherine McCuller – a Hello Kitty shirt

Summer Meaders – a Barbie house

Amoria Potts – a four-wheeler

Talaysia Robinson – a phone

Emma Weeks – Disney Infinity

Hailey Fulgham – iPhone 4S

Ms B – that no child in the world be hungry

Ms Joan – Clinique Happy perfume

Be careful on your travels on Christmas Eve. We love you!

Ms B’s and Ms Joan’s Kindergarten Class at AES