Christian Women’s Job Corp begins at Broken Wings with term two

From press reports


It’s hard to believe that the whole first 13 weeks of Christian Women’s Job Corp (CWJC) has already come and gone.

The five participants will tell you one and all what a wonderful experience it has been. These women have completed the first part of their bible study, concerning how God values women; they received certificates in the Building Strong Families program; worked through some anger management, explored art of various mediums, nutrition, and a wonderful computer course. Besides all the hard work there were lunches, parties, meeting with their mentors each week, and even a surprise shopping trip to Tupelo.

The second 13 weeks will continue their bible study, art, and computers…the big addition is CAREER GUIDANCE…preparation for employment (perhaps at a higher level) and/or education. CWJC makes no promises that a participant who completes this course will get a job or into the college of their choice…we wish we could. BUT, what we do promise is the very best advice, exploration, and support one could need to move forward with her SMART goals…(Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Results-oriented, and Timely). The five participants have some wonderful goals and this term we are set to help them towards achievement.

“We would also like to THANK our supporters: our prayer team, mentors, teachers, those who have donated funds, and especially our Advisory Council and partner Broken Wings,” stated the group.

Before you know it we will be seeking the next group of women to become participants…perhaps YOU are or know someone who might be interested? If so contact our Site Coordinators: Pam Simpson & Charlotte Wade at 285 9133. Sr Alies is always looking for women who would consider being trained as mentors.

“Congratulations to Rosa, Rhonda, Lacie, Andrea, and Darnella,” “Go for it. Term 2…rock on,” stated the group.

Christian Women’s Job Corp at work

Christian Women’s Job Corp at work