MAC Committee sponsors door decorating contest

By Press and Staff Reports


Pioneer Health Services of Choctaw MAC Committee sponsored a Christmas door decoration contest at the Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw. The decorated doors were shown off during the recent Christmas Open House and the public was asked to vote on their favorite door. Also for December, the committee adopted a family for Christmas.

In November, the MAC Committee held a food drive for Broken Wings.

The Pioneer Health Services of Choctaw MAC Committee formed to improve employee relations, form community partnerships and company-wide projects.

“It is our mission to collaboratively optimize employee relations with the organization as it pertains to new hire connections, current employee morale, community partnerships and company-wide initiatives. We will strive for these stated goals of continuous improvement with passion and commitment,” says the mission statement.

The MAC Committees main three functions include activities and fundraisers, employee morale and recognition and community service projects.

The MAC Committee includes all Pioneer health services in Choctaw County: Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw, Choctaw Nursing Center, Pioneer Medical Center (Ackerman and Weir Clinics), Pioneer Family Medical Clinic of Ackerman and Pioneer Physical Therapy.

Members of the committee are: Tracy Land, chairman, Susan Wells, co-chairman, Juliette Ashford, treasurer, Chansity Payne, secretary and Courtney Oswalt, media liaison.