Ackerman Aldermen discuss mulching

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


Using leaves for mulching will now be attempted at the Tom Glasgow Park in Ackerman. During the December 4 Ackerman Board of Aldermen meeting, Ward 4 Alderman Billy Ganann proposed to place leaves around exposed tree roots at Tom Glasgow Park to be used like mulch. He suggested beginning with a small area as a pilot project.

Ganann has researched how over three years, a layer of at least 6 inches of leaves and pine straw will compost and turn into topsoil.

He suggested the Public Works Department using leaves, that they already pick up, and burn at the town’s landfill, to be placed at the park on exposed tree roots.

Mayor Dick Cain asked how they would keep the leaves from falling down the hill on the upper area of the park. He suggested hauling dirt to the park to cover up the exposed roots.

After more discussion, Ganann made a motion to put the leaves at the park.

Mike Brasher, Public Works director, was asked if he was against it. He said he was against putting the leaves on roots of trees that should be cut down. Brasher said some of those would be trees with roots that are breaking up the walking track and asphalt at the park. Gannan and Brasher discussed leaves on exposed roots versus grassy areas then Cain called for a second to the motion. After a short silence, Ward 2 Alderman Tommy Curtis made the second and it was approved.

While discussing Tom Glasgow Park, Ganann made a motion to turn off the water and electricity and look up the bathrooms at the park until the spring. He called them a “disgrace” because people continue to vandalism them. The other aldermen agreed. Curtis seconded this motion and it was approved.

The board also approved:

-An ordinance prohibiting placement of garbage cans on sidewalks on Main, Louisville and Commerce Streets. Motion was made by Curtis, seconded by Ward 3 Alderman George Rooks.

-An ordinance to prohibit and restrict parking on city streets. Motion by Rooks, seconded by Curtis.

-Ad valorem tax exemption for Mississippi Forge for five years. The exempt taxes would be $299.

-To hire Martha Caradine as a part-time police officer, by request of Police Chief Kevin Stark.

-To advertise for administrator and engineer for the 2014 CDBG grant.

-To have timber at the town’s landfill on Triplett Road and near the National Guard Armory looked at to possible cut or thin out.

-To increase Police Chief Kevin Stark’s salary from $39,000 to $42,000 a year. This review was after his probationary period ended.

-Travel for Stark to attend the Miss. Association of Chiefs of Police-New Chiefs training on January 5-10 in Jackson.

Ward 1 Alderman Willie Miller and Alderman at Large Carl Phelps were absent from the meeting.

The next regularly scheduled Ackerman Board of Aldermen meeting will be held on January 7.