Supervisors examine accepting credit cards, discuss Pioneer’s recent awards

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors got down to business in the November 27 board meeting. In the middle of handling routine business, the supervisors had a proposal from Alpha and Omega Processing, a credit card processing company.

Jason Robertson, director of sales, explained how their company works and how the customer or resident is charged the convenience fee since the county cannot incur fees.

If approved, residents could use a debit/credit card to pay for tags, taxes, fines and possibly more. AOP would charge the resident 3 percent of the total bill as a convenience fee.

After a long discussion, Robertson presented the county with an agreement. The board took no action on this matter during the meeting.

On a different matter, Allen Gamble, hospital administrator, informed the supervisors that the hospital has now won three quality rewards in a row. He said until now no other Pioneer Health Systems hospital had received this honor. But now, Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw and one other Pioneer hospital received this honor at the same time.

Gamble also said the Choctaw County Nursing Center received a surprise inspection this week from the Department of Health. He said they received good remarks including on patient care, food and staffing.

To enhance radio communications between 911 and MedStat Ambulance in the French Camp area, the county approved to purchase communication equipment to place on the WFCA Radio tower.

The board approved a quote from Central Mississippi Communications for $17,000.

The county will use their EMSOF funds of $15,000 and $2,424 of county emergency management funds to purchase the equipment.

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors approved the following:

-Agenda after adding hospital.

-Postage request from Lori Kerr, tax assessor, for $1,194 to mail out tax cards and postage request of $173 to mail out motor vehicle renewal cards.

-Inventory deletions.


-Travel for Circuit Clerk Peggy Miller to Jackson on January 8-10 for mandatory training.

-To close the bank account for the resident trust fund that the county was required to open and operate when they managed the nursing home.

-16th Section lease for Edward and Rosie Shumaker.

-To transfer $17,746 from Fund 025 to the General Fund. These funds are reimbursement from the Corps. of Engineers that was originally grant match funds on a study for the Lake Project.

-A blanket order allowing the county to purchase vehicle tags as needed at $22 each.

-For District 4 to sell two used tractors at an auction on December 7. Value set at $12,000 each.

-To amend the agenda to add to sale county equipment.

-To advertise to sell a District 2 air compressor, District 5 used truck and two countywide used generators.

-RFTAP application for a $70,000 grant to purchase a fire truck for Union Fire Department.

-Travel for Coroner Keith Coleman to mandatory training January 9-10 and $350 registration.

-Application to extend the county’s Solid Waste Law Enforcement Officer grant to December 31, 2014.

-Letter to MDA stating if the county’s CAP loan application is not approved the county will fund the fire truck for Union Fire Department with funds from the General Fund.

-Resolution naming the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District as administrators of the county’s CDBG grant for Reform Water Association.

-To sign the CDBG grant contract for Reform WA.

-To sign environmental paperwork on the Reform WA project.

-Calvert Engineering as engineers on the Reform WA project after opening two bids and rating them. The other bid was from Cook Coggin Engineers.

-To change the date of payroll to the last working day of the month, per Renasant Bank, and to reflect the change in the employee handbook.

-Emergency hires for Sheriff Cloyd Halford: Wesley Strutton as dispatcher/jailer and Brett Boykin as part-time dispatcher.