‘The Sights & Sounds of Christmas’ event planned for December 7

From press reports


A Christmas Brunch will be hosted by the GFWC Ackerman Twentieth Century Club on Saturday, December 7th from 9 – 11 am.

The event will be held at the Choctaw County Community Center. Club members will decorate the tables to depict Christmas songs or movies. There will be a wonderful buffet of food and vendors will have booths set up for your shopping pleasure.

Special music will be presented by Jordan Box of French Camp. The guest speaker will be Kym Garraway-Braley. Tickets may be purchased from any Twentieth Century Club member or by contacting Tinker Forrester, Fundraising Chairman, at 312-1532.

Inspired by a wide array of God’s creations, well-known Mississippi artist Kym Garraway-Braley has spent her life devoted to artistic pursuits, usually involving a paintbrush or pencil. An art graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, Kym’s spark for artistic expression found its way onto original canvases while her children were small, and the public couldn’t get enough of her vivid use of color and the imaginative use of scripture delicately woven into each piece. Soon, the watercolor paintings were used for lithographic prints and Giclee’ prints, which became highly sought-after pieces of art nationwide.

While Kym’s work can be found in galleries, businesses and homes across the south, her work is hardly limited to canvas. Murals in churches, homes and business proudly display vivid landscape scenery, from underwater oceans to Biblically-based scenes from creation. Along with faux finishes on furniture, ceilings and floors, Kym has lent her creative talent to a dozen children’s book illustrations, produced note cards for stores nationwide including Barnes and Nobles, and created a line of wildly popular “Baby Girl” t-shirts, containing a poignant message from God’s word. Kym is also a licensed artist for JOHN DEERE©.

While art is her trade by profession, Kym loves to share with others the message of hope as presented in God’s word. Each year, Kym is invited to speak at more than a hundred different events all across the Southern United States, including universities, churches, art associations, and even sporting events. For the past two decades, Kym has encouraged budding artists to develop their skills through a variety of art camps each summer. There are also a number of art workshops and art therapy classes offered to special needs kids throughout the area.

In many cases, this devoted wife and mother is asked to speak about her success as an artist, performer, and entrepreneur. Along with inspiring others to pursue their dreams, Kym will likely share of her deep love for God and how He has tailored her destiny to minister to others through her artwork.