Jail Docket

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 39 miscellaneous incident reports and six incident offense reports last week.

11/15/13  Robert Cox   W/M    7/16/88 CSO  Susp. D.L.

11/17/13  Larry Daniels

B/M   10/16/50  CSO Simple Assault, & Bench Warrants X 4

11/18/13  Thomas Johnson W/M   5/9/86  CSO Susp. D.L. & No Proof of Insurance & Hold for Mathiston PD

11/18/13  Willie Shumaker    B/M   3/3/47 CSO  Chancery Court Contempt

11/19/13  Sara E Atkinson   W/F      9/28/85  CSO  Grand Larceny

11/21/13  Angela Roberts  B/F   2/21/75  CSO  No D.L. & No Proof Of Insurance.

Editor’s note: Unless otherwise noted or not applicable, defendants listed in this report have only been charged with the offenses listed an have not been convicted in court. The information contained herein is derived from public records.