Students learn School Bus Safety

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


School bus safety is not only important to the children but to parents, teachers, bus drivers and anyone driving near a school bus.

The Choctaw County School District Transportation Department recently celebrated School Bus Safety Week by teaching students at Ackerman, French Camp and Weir Elementary Schools basic safety standards.

Students loaded the school bus, listened as Morgan Scribner, transportation director, explained how important it is for children to listen to the bus driver.

“Don’t jump seats, throw stuff or yell because the driver has to look in the mirror instead of the road,” said Scribner.

Scribner then explained how students should evacuate the school bus in an emergency. The students and teachers then exited the school bus through the back door as if it were an emergency.

“Sit down, jump down and get in single file line,” said Scribner.

School bus safety is important to anyone-children and adults that come in contact with a school bus. Scribner said everyone should “respect the yellow school bus.”

“People on the highway need to respect the bus stop and pay attention to flashing lights. If you see a school bus, be prepared to stop at any time,” said Scribner.

He added that the CCSD Transportation Department trains their school bus drivers year round including a two and a half hour in service training twice a year.

To help with training on drivers, the Transportation Department is setting up a computer lab, at the department, for drivers to complete online training.

“Choctaw County is blessed to have the drivers we have,” said Scribner.