Quality care top goal at Pioneer Hospital

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw is proud to offer quality care to Choctaw County residents and area patients.

“Quality, safety and good care is one of Pioneer’s prime goals,” said Allen Gamble, PCH-Choctaw administrator.

He continued stating Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw has a quality program with a 220 point score card.

“We look at 220 different quality aspects,” said Gamble. They have also set up teams or task forces to resolve any reported issues.

“All quality indicators are showing we provide quality healthcare,” said Gamble. He added that their patient scorecards are higher than the national average.

The Choctaw County Nursing Center is operated under the same quality program with a 120-point scorecard.

Along with good quality indicators that PCH-Choctaw is offering quality care, their volume is increasing.

“Volume is up 40 percent in the ER along with outpatient and inpatient numbers going way up,” said Gamble.

More and more people are using the multiple services that Pioneer offers in Choctaw County.

Outside of the Pioneer quality program, PCH-Choctaw is also accredited by DNV Healthcare and regulated by the State of Mississippi.

PCH-Choctaw received their DNV accreditation earlier this year.

“DNV is one of the top accreditation companies in the nation,” said Gamble.

The State of Mississippi regulates healthcare in the state including hospitals, nursing homes and any changes to those.

The state previously approved construction plans, operation plans and more before the new Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw and the new medical office building could be built.

Gamble said PCH-Choctaw implemented the state approved moving plan before moving the hospital to their new location in July. Included in the state approved plan, was to transport food from the Choctaw County Nursing Home to the hospital, until the hospital’s kitchen could be complete.

“The state requires us to make sure the food is transported and served at the correct temperature. Meals are served hot,” said Gamble.

The state of Mississippi’s also regulates nursing homes similar to the regulations on hospitals. Periodically, the state releases quality reports over “long time periods.”

Gamble said the Choctaw County Nursing Center’s ratings are currently better than before.

“We are shooting for three stars. Our quality indicators show we are improving,” said Gamble.

PCH-Choctaw experiences changes in procedures and staff just like any other business. Recently, they had a few issues with paying vendors for their services.

“We did have issues with internal procedures and we have corrected that. We are working with all of our vendors to get them current,” said Gamble.

He added that this takes a little time.

Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw seeks to hire the best people in their field to become a part of the PCH-Choctaw team.

“We do look for the best people to be a part of our community and that will stay here,” said Gamble.

He said Pioneer is currently working to hire the best physicians and specialists to take care of Choctaw County and area residents.

“Up and down the organization we are looking for the best people to fill those positions,” he added.

Gamble wants to remind everyone that if they ever have a problem or issue with the hospital, nursing home, staff or Pioneer itself to please come see him.

“I want to get involved with those issues and help resolve them,” said Gamble.

Also, in the future, he plans on having a community or town hall style meeting to give an update on the hospital.