Order tree seedlings

Choctaw County Soil & Water Conservation District


The Choctaw County Soil and Water Conservation District is currently taking orders for trees to be distributed in 2014. Orders for seedlings must be placed before Tuesday, December 3, 2013 The tree seedlings will be delivered in February so that they can be planted during the proper time of the year.

You may place your order by mail or by coming to our office and completing an order form. A small fee is being charged for the seedlings. About 30 varieties of seedlings are available ranging in price from $1.00 to $7.00. You must pay for the trees when you place your order.

Funds generated from this project will be used for Choctaw County Soil and Water Conservation District programs to provide educational activities and materials especially for students in our county schools and for individual landowners.

An information sheet with a brief description of each tree is available in our office at 571 South Louisville Street in Ackerman. Be sure to place your order before December 3, 2012. You may call our office at 285-6250 for order forms or additional information.