Last day as Chamber director

By Lara Bowman, Executive Director, Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce


I regretfully announce my last day as Executive Director of the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce will be Wednesday, October 30. I have recently accepted a position at Mississippi State University to further my career in economic and community development. It has been my pleasure to serve at the will of the Choctaw County Economic Development District (CCEDD) for the past year.

I am very grateful to each of you who have trusted and allowed me to lead your community in the past year. You welcomed me with open arms and I am proud to now call Choctaw County my home. My husband and I will continue to reside in Choctaw County. I will be joining the volunteer forces next to so many of you here in the county working to grow and improve our community.

As the CCEDD and the newly formed Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors work to fill the open position, please welcome and support the next Director with the same openness and acceptance as you did for me.

The past few weeks have been bittersweet knowing, I will not be here beside so many of you each day in the county. When I applied for this position I was asked to write an essay titled, “Why do you believe you will be a successful candidate for the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce.”

Throughout my time here, I have referred back to this document and continued to use it as my guide on how to move forward here in the county. I want to share the first and last paragraphs with you and ask you to continue to support the CCEDD and Chamber on their future endeavors in the county.

“My goal as the Executive Director of the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce would be to enhance the value of the people and places in the community. I would like to contribute to improving the quality of life for community members through the Chamber of Commerce. The success of the business community and its leaders will have a direct impact on individual members of the community. A thriving business environment supported by the local Chamber of Commerce will be able to offer more services and opportunities to the local community. By understanding the economical and social value each and every business has to the community, I will develop the Chamber of Commerce into a model organization for current and future business owners to look for advice and guidance…

…. I would be a successful Executive Director for the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce because I understand the role the chamber, local businesses and the community must have to become successful. All parties must work together and support one another to improve the overall quality of life. I have seen the results of a successful Chamber of Commerce and what can be accomplished when a business community works together and the results are measured through community growth. More tax dollars are spent locally, new jobs are created through business expansion and new businesses move to the area where there is a strong network of support from the community and local chamber of commerce.”