School Board approves name badges

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


The Choctaw County School Board discussed a couple changes to board policy revisions and additions in their October 14 board meeting.

School Board Member Laura Gibbs said she did not agree with the change of not allowing a grade lower than a 50 to be on a report card, regardless of the grade.

Michelle Larabee, assistant superintendent, said this was a recommendation from Glen Beard, superintendent.

Gibbs said she did not agree with allowing a 50 to be on a report card if the student did not earn it. She said parents need to know what the actual grade is so they if the student needs to work harder to pull it up or not.

After more discussion the board approved to keep the current policy but with additions of procedures for grading changes after a teacher has given a grade.

The school board also briefly discussed the proposed requirement for all teachers and staff to wear nametags. The district thinks it will help parents identify school officials; know who is supposed to be on campus and help with security. This was approved among other board revisions and additions.

On a different matter, the School Board discussed a request from George Coleman with the Choctaw Steelers (little football league) to use the lights on the football field at Weir.

The board previously approved to allow Coleman and the league to use the Weir football field for practices and games.

Superintendent Glen Beard recommended to the board to follow board policy by charging the appropriate fee so that the cost of electricity is not on the district.

The fee would be a flat rental fee of $100 for a non-profit group, unrelated to school use, according to Michelle Larabee, assistant superintendent, in the board meeting.

School Board Member Laura Gibbs suggested the board waive the fee.

“I think it should be waived. Seventy-five to 100 kids in the county participate here. We should do things to build the county up,” said Gibbs.

She mentioned how many adults and children leave the county for activities and how the Choctaw Steelers are offering an activity for Choctaw County kids and parents in the county.

After more discussion, Kevin Null, board attorney, suggested the board could approve to waive the fee subject to approval from the state audit department.

The board then approved to allow the using of the lights with no fee pending the approval from the state audit department.

The School Board held a short discussion then approved the following:

-An easement for Delta Telephone Company to bury a fiber optic cable behind the bus shop.

-Changes to Board Policy JBC.

-Approved School Wide plans.

-Approved the District Test Security Plan 2013-2014.

-Approved new library software/system for all schools.

Superintendent Glen Beard and School Board Members Mike Thomas and Linda McDaniel were absent from this meeting.

The School Board approved the following in the consent agenda:

—Approve employee Workshop/Conference requests.

Jackie Wise to MCA Conference in Jackson on November 6-8.

Sarah Brannan to Capturing Kids’ Hearts Retreat in Jackson on November 12-14.

Kristen Kelly to Capturing Kids’ Hearts Retreat in Jackson on November 12-14.

Rob Mamrack to Building Partnerships for Youth Transition 2013 in Pearl on October 23-25.

Robert Black to Item Alignments and Dev. Meeting in Starkville on October 21-22.

Sunja Douglas to Engineering Teach Mixer in Raymond on November 5.

Francesca McGee to E-Rate Roadshow in Tunica on November 11-12.

Glen Blaine, Shane Burton and Anthony McGee to Regional Principals Meeting in Pearl on December 2.

Glen Blaine and Shane Burton to GOALS Training for District Administrators on October 29-30.

Gina Smith to Regional Administrators–Focus on Common Core in Pearl on December 2.

Robbie Denson to Regional Administrators Meeting Focusing on Common Core Implementation in Pearl on December 2.

Anthony McGee to Effective Leadership Institute in Meridian.

Anthony McGee to GOALS Training for District Administrators on November 21-22.

Maureen Power to Special Education Directors Meeting/HB 896.

Maureen Power to Early Childhood Transition Meeting.

Cheryl Doss to GOALS Training for Administrators in Meridian.

Cheryl Doss to CCSS Follow up meeting in Oxford.

—Approve Field Trips

AES Pre-K to Coal Mine in Ackerman, MS on January 17, 2014.

AES Pre-K to White’s Creek Lake on October 18.

AES Kindergarten to Bull Bottom Farms in Duck Hill, MS on November 1.

AES first grade to Disney on Ice in Tupelo, MS on November 22.

AES second grade to Tupelo Buffalo Park on October 10.

AES third grade to Horse Park in Starkville, MS on November 8.

AES fourth grade to Ag Museum in Jackson, MS on November 7.

CCHS GED students to Holmes Community College Attala Educational Center for testing.

CCHS Physics and Physical Science classes to Starkville.

CCSH Academic Team to Ole Miss Brain Brawl.

FCE 3rd grade to FARMtastic in Starkville on November 8.

FCE students to Bull Bottom Farms in Duck Hill.

WES 3rd grade to FARMtastic in Starkville on November 8.

WES 1st grade to Country Pumpkins in Caledonia on October 29.

WES 5th and 6th grade classes to Bull Bottom Farms in Duck Hill.

-Approve M to M transfer.

-Approve donation of IPad by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

-Approve request from the MS Forestry Commission for permission to purchase culverts.

-Approve recommendation from MSFC to accept timber bids for 16-16-11.

-Approve recommendation from MS Forestry Commission to reject all bids for 16-17-11 and to re-advertise.

-Approve recommendation for certified tutors at FCA to be paid with Title I funds.

-Approve request to host a counselor intern during the 2013-2014 SY.

-Approve fundraiser requests from AES, WES and CCHS.

-Approve request from Mr. Beard concerning immediate payment of diesel bids.

-Approve request to accept pest control bids.

-Approve IDEA Part B and Preschool Project Application Amendment for FY 2013.

-Approve request for Karen Miller to receive FMLA for maternity leave.

-Approve recommendation of Tamara Moore as a certified substitute for the 2013-2014 SY.

-Approve recommendation of Mrs. Moore as a long-term substitute.

-Approve request for Sarah Hubbert to take FMLA due to family illness.

-Approve bus turnarounds.

-Approve recommendations from Mr. Scribner that Wade Blaine assume the bus 63 route.

-Approve recommendation of Carolyn Stevens as a bus driver.

-Approve recommendation from Mr. Scribner concerning bus driver compensation.

-Approve recommendation from Mr. Scribner concerning Virginia Bruce.

-Approve request to pay Kimberly Pugh her national board salary supplements.

-Approve travel reimbursement request from Maureen Power.

-Approve request to clarify Jade Orr’s salary due to a clerical error.

The following was approved in the financial agenda.

-Approve docket of claims.

-Absentee report.

-Substitute report.

-Approve diesel bids and the immediate payment thereof.

-Financial statements.

-Request for fixed asset disposal.

The next regularly scheduled School Board meeting will be Monday, November 11 at 7 p.m. in the boardroom at Central Office in Ackerman.