Jail Docket

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 43 miscellaneous incident reports and 10 incident offense reports last week.

10/4/13   Mark Gladney   B/M  10/4/71  WPD    Burglary Of A Commercial Building

10/4/13   Rebecca Box    W/F   2/23/66   APD     Contempt

10/5/13     Jamarcus Dotson    B/M     3/1/95      MHP     DUI 1st, Speeding 70/55, No D.L. & No Proof of Insurance

10/7/13     Damiion Jordan        B/M     7/2/85     APD Simple/Domestic Violence

10/7/13    Robert Ashford     B/M     11/2/56      APD     Failure to yield right of way, Susp. D.L. & No Insurance

10/8/13   Lee Crawford   B/M     11/6/68   CSO   Embezzlement Under Contract & DHS Incarceration Order

10/8/13   Bryan Edwards      W/M     7/23/86     CSO     Leaving the scene of accident

10/10/13  David Patton        B/M     5/1/62       APD      FTA/Contempt

10/11/13   Kayla King       W/F     3/28/86     CSO       Petit Larceny

10/12/13   Tony Welch     B/M    7/5/88     APD      FTA/Contempt

Editor’s note: Unless otherwise noted or not applicable, defendants listed in this report have only been charged with the offenses listed an have not been convicted in court. The information contained herein is derived from public records.