CWJC takes off again

By Press Reports


September brought the end to a long phase preparation as Pam Simpson, Site Coordinator and Charlotte Wade, Assist Site Coordinator (nationally trained Level 2) opened the doors of the small classroom at Broken Wings to five women wanting change in their lives.

The prayer team had met weekly for over a year, Kay Blake and Sr. Alies had also completed national training, the site was registered as a national site…would anyone come?

Where had we come from…what convinced us that CWJC could help Choctaw County women? The roots of this program (where women help women) and new way of life for many goes back to 1994 where WMU women wanted to do something about women in poverty…by March 1, 1997 CWJC was born. In 1999 a statement of faith was adopted and in 2000 CMJC was affirmed (where men help men). In 2000 there were 140 known sites in 26 states…and by 2005 there were over 10,000 staff, volunteers and participants nationally! Kay Blake directed the first Choctaw County site and it was one of the first sites in MS…1999-2003…then we had to wait to begin again.

What makes up a CWJC site? Why is this style of “help” so freeing and liberating for all who participate? First it is based in prayer and Bible study. The opportunity to deepen or come to know Jesus is critical…not a particular denomination or style…but to meet Jesus. Second, a place…a sponsor…and for us that is BROKEN WINGS MINISTRIES. Next, the staff who will serve…site coordinators, mentors, teachers, volunteers, prayer-team members, and those who can donate resources. And then once all this is in place we can invite the women of Choctaw County…our stars…our participants.

Who can come? Maybe You! A Woman who wants change in her life and is willing to prepare for it. A woman who wants laughter, colleagues, and new friends. A woman who wants to discover herself in a new way…A woman who wants to deepen her relationship with Jesus. A woman who needs some support to grow.

What is the curriculum? Our site includes Bible study, art, nutrition and anger management, computer skills, money management, and much more for the first 12 weeks. The second 13 weeks will focus on job or college readiness. CWJC is about the “whole woman” and so each woman also has an out-of-classroom mentor (Christian friend) who walks with a participant and shares in her progress.

If you or someone you know wants more information contact: Pam Simpson, Site Coordinator, CWJC, 168 Jailhouse Road, Ackerman, MS 39735/ 285-9133/

Lara Taylor teaches computer skills to the Christian Women’s Job Corps group in Choctaw County.

Lara Taylor teaches computer skills to the Christian Women’s Job Corps group in Choctaw County.