2nd graders write paragraphs, research chameleons

by Press Reports


The second graders in Mrs. Pollard’s class at Ackerman Elementary School have been learning to write paragraphs during this nine weeks. They have learned how to use the internet to research topics, write rough drafts, edit with the help of their teachers, write final drafts, and publish their work with illustrations. The students read a story by Eric Carle entitled “The Mixed-up Chameleon” a few weeks ago, and the students researched real chameleons during that week. They worked hard to write their own paragraphs about chameleons using their research. Some of the students even wrote three paragraphs about different chameleon facts and put together a chameleon report.

Here is an example of one of the student’s reports:


By: Aniyah Nash

There are many facts about chameleons. Chameleons have long tongues. Chameleons can sleep upside down. Chameleons change colors to camouflage themselves.Chameleons are cool.

Chameleons can live everywhere. Some chameleons live underground. Chameleons live in trees. Half of the world’s chameleon population lives on the island of Madagascar. Chameleons live in lots of places.

Chameleons are omnivores.

Chameleons eat lots of insects. Chameleons eat birds. Chameleons also eat lots of fruit and flowers. These are some of the foods that chameleons eat.