Supes discuss proposed tax incentives for MS Forge

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


Proposed tax incentives to help Mississippi Forge open in Ackerman was on the agenda for the September 17 Choctaw County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Jigar Kadakia is planning on opening the former Ackerman Forge plant under the name Mississippi Forge. Kadakia has previously met with the board and other economic development officials about opening the plant.

In the September 17 meeting, Joey Hood, attorney for Kadakia, presented the board with paperwork outlining the proposed tax incentives for the plant.

Hood said it is an exemption request for true value and real and personal taxes, with school and fire taxes excluded.

The tax exemption would be for five years then the board would review the contract and possible give the exemption for another five years.

Hood said the exemption or incentive “mirror’s the exemption given to STP (Southeastern Timber Products).”

The supervisors looked over the paperwork in the meeting then Board President Chris McIntire said they needed more time to review it. The board plans to make a decision in their next meeting on September 30.

Also in the September 17 meeting, the Board of Supervisors discussed lost or misplaced equipment at the old hospital.

Allen Gamble, hospital administrator, was present at the meeting and presented the board with an updated list of equipment that was found or should be replaced.

The board and Gamble discussed hospital beds that the county purchased for the Senior Care Unit, which is now closed. Hospital employees used some of those beds to replace broken beds at the nursing home, without permission from the supervisors.

Gamble said they moved the beds because they were the only beds available.

“I want your people to understand that when they take those beds somewhere they are not supposed to be, they stole them,” said Steve Montgomery, Chancery clerk.

He added that Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw does not lease the old hospital or the equipment in that building.

Montgomery also said, “if the county allows it, you are aiding a for profit hospital and that’s not in the agreement.”

McIntire said Pioneer using the Senior Care hospital beds falls under providing healthcare to the county as long as the county can have the beds back when needed.

Steve Wright, board attorney, said Montgomery’s analysis is correct.

“It’s their (Pioneer) responsibility to keep inventory there,” said Wright.

After more discussion, the board agreed that Pioneer is required to move the equipment back or replace it.

The board then approved a list of relocation of all assets except the four electric hospital beds and icemaker.

“At the end of the day, we put this equipment in there. It has to be there in working condition,” said McIntire. “We are not trying to be hard on this, but it comes back to the agreement.”

The Board of Supervisors also approved:

-Inventory deletion and inventory addition of a handheld radio.

-Payment of District 2 new motor graders upon receipt of funds from selling his two used motor graders.

-Interest payment of $1,600 to the Bank of Kilmichael line of credit that was used for purchasing hospital equipment.

-For District 3 to purchase a 2013 F350 cab truck chassis (no bed) for $25,421.

-For District 1 to purchase a F150 crew cab truck for approximately $24,200.

-For the county to purchase a 2013 F250 crew cab truck $28,242 to be used by the county emergency management director.

The next Choctaw County Board of Supervisor meeting will be Monday, September 30 at 9 a.m. in the boardroom at the Choctaw County Courthouse.