Clark celebrates 10 years in 4-H

By Staff and Press Reports


BaiLee Clark began 4-H in Choctaw County was she was 8 years old. 4-H helped her love for horses grow, as she was able to begin competing in races, rodeos and more.

Ten years later, she has had the chance to travel throughout Mississippi and other states to compete in 4-H competitions. She feels blessed to have had the chance to represent Choctaw County in 4-H.

“With this being my last year in 4-H for Choctaw County, I feel very blessed and humble to represent my count and 4-H. The Lord has been very good to me to compete on three awesome horses, which were all winners and to win as much as I have. It will always be a great memory with me,” said Clark.

She looks forward to seeing her little brother begin his 4-H journey.

“I look forward to my little brother, Colton Mewbourn, who starts 4-H this year and I can’t wait to cheer him on,” she continued.

Her first 4-H competition, at 8 years old, was in Pony Pleasure in Stake, Poles and Barrel on her ponies, April and Buckshot, in Starkville. She won first place in that competition.

“I have always been blessed with horses and I love to compete,” said Clark.

Since that win she and her family have traveled throughout the state for many district and state championships.

Clark won 4-H Pony Pleasure from 8 years old to 14 years old on her bay pony, April.

Over the years she has won many competitions and awards throughout Mississippi and more on her ponies April, Buckshot and Dillon.

Clark thanks everyone that has supported her over the years.

“My parents and grandparents have always been there to help me and support me, I would like to take the time to say thank you for always being there,” said Clark.

Her parents are Carroll and Kristi Mewbourn of Ackerman and Robbie and Amy Clark of Artesia. Grandparents are Lyn and Liz Black of McCool and Lee and Peggy Clark of Mathiston.

“Also to all my of Choctaw County 4-H supporters through the years and everyone who has helped me. I thank you so much for all of your help and support. 4-H is a great sport to be involved in. With you I could not have done all I have. I thank God for giving me the talent to do my favorite sport of Barrels, Racing and Rodeo,” she continued.

Over the years, 4-H and competing has allowed Clark to provide and help with community events. Some of these events include rodeos, jackpots, parades, trade rides, offered pony rides to area children and much more.

Kristi Mewbourn, Clark’s mother, is proud of Clark’s accomplishments.

“One this is for sure when we started 4-H people would ask where Ackerman is and now they know where the great town of Ackerman is. We are so proud of BaiLee. One thing that stands out about her, she always had a smile on her face when competing and always told the other kids good ride. She always lifted the other kids up with how they did first then mama we did it. I’ve very proud of her and will cherish all of the 4-H memories we have together,” said Kristi.

Clark’s last 4-H Awards Program will be October 3. She is now a student at East Mississippi Community College.


BaiLee Clark in 2012, ten years after her first 4-H competition.

BaiLee Clark in 2012, ten years after her first 4-H competition.