Cross carried by local athletes in support of Glowing for Christ

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


Choctaw County students recently carried a large wooden cross across the county as symbols of their Christianity, love for Jesus Christ and for racial reconciliation.

On September 6, students at French Camp Academy met students from Ethel High School on the Natchez Trace Parkway to carry the cross to FCA.

Carrying the lighted cross across all 82 counties in Mississippi is part of the ‘Mississippi Glowing for Christ’ journey sponsored by Mission Mississippi and their 20th anniversary. The cross is being carried across the State as a symbol of unity and reconciliation.

Mission Mississippi works toward racial reconciliation and healing in Mississippi by working to “Change Mississippi . . . One Relationship at a Time.”

Fellowship of Christian Athletes joined with Mission Mississippi for this journey. At each location, FCA students are carrying the cross to it’s next stop.

Organizers of the Miss. Glowing for Christ journey hope that each celebration service will bring “bring people together of different races and denominations to celebrate racial reconciliation and healing.”

At noon that day, FCA held a celebration service with the cross. David Landrum, on the board of Mission Mississippi told FCA students the cross represents a growing relationship with Christ and to spark racial reconciliation in Choctaw County and all other counties in the state.

During the service, Dylan Dickie, FCA student, shared what the cross means to him.

“It means freedom. Freedom from what? We’ve all been dealt a deck of cards. We’ve been through some hard situations and Jesus dying on the cross gave us freedom and a clean slate,” said Dickie.

“It’s overwhelming that an innocent man was beaten, spit on and didn’t defend himself…He climbed up on that cross and died for us,” continued Dickie.

Also during the service, Bruce Hosket, with FCA, said people seeing “kids carrying a cross will think it’s a dumb thing, those kids should be in school, or it will touch their hearts.”

“Everybody responds to the cross of Jesus Christ. What is your response today,” said Hosket.

After the service a group of FCA students started out for Weir carrying the cross.

Later that evening, another celebration service was held at the Choctaw County Courthouse in Ackerman. The cross left Choctaw County the next day headed to Starkville and Mississippi State University.