CGMG to release first studio album

By Press Reports


CGCMG announces that their album, titled R.E.A.L. will arrive on September 21.

Lucky LaDon Luciano made the first announcement on Facebook on September 6.

The album titled R.E.A.L. (Realize Everyone Aint’ Loyal,) is the young rap duo’s first studio album.

It features production by C-Nile, Dj DNA, ZoneBeats and more. The album also has guest appearances from Young Mel, ERIC, Mr. Dub Citi, and Money Man Roach. R.E.A.L. features subtle yet gritty lyrics about the lifestyles of two individuals that have stayed loyal to what they believe in since day one and never changed.

The album has already gained the undivided attention from critics and other local artists. The rap duo has drifted away from the hardcore lyrics over thumping bass instrumentals a little. This album has less profanity with more of a soulful feel than previous mix tapes. Although the style of the beats is different it didn’t change the artist one bit.

Lucky LaDon Luciano (from Cleveland, Ohio) and Block C (from Weir, Ms.) are still rapping about their everyday life activities and still giving shout outs to Cleveland, Oh – also known as “Tha Land”- and Weir, Ms.- also known as “Dub City”. The rap duo also speaks about how they can care less about the “fame” and their reasons why on the song “Worth It” featuring Money Man Roach and ERIC. R.E.A.L. is sending a message to the world telling everyone that CGCMG is more than what the eyes see, “Let me shout out all my haters, salute my imitators, one day these critics will see what’s behind this wall paper…” Lucky LaDon Luciano said on “Behind Walls”.