Supes sell and purchase motor graders

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


A bid opening was held to sell three county motors. The first bids were to sell two 2011 motor graders for District 2.

Bids were: Dean Co. $153, 250 for 2011 (27) and $151,250 for 2011 (28), JM Wood Auction $160,200 for each, Martin and Martin $175,179 for each, The D Company $125,777 for each.

After taking the bids under advisement, the board approved to sell the motor graders to the highest bidder Martin and Martin for $175,179 each.

The next bids were to sell a 2004 motor grader for District 3. Bids were: Dean Co $117,005, JM Wood Auction $112,200, Martin and Martin $115,889, The D Company $116,577. After taking the bids under advisement, the board approved to sell the motor grader to the highest bidder Dean Co for $117,005.

Another bid opening was also held in the meeting. This bid was to purchase brand new motor graders. Thompson Machinery was the only bid submitted. The bid was $202,000 each if at least two machines were purchased.

After taking the bids under advisement, the board approved for District 2 to purchase two motor graders and for District 3 to purchase one motor grader, all at $202,000 each.

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors approved:

-Agenda after adding bid opening and hospital.

-August minutes.


-Jail inspection.

-Transfer $90,000 from Fund 225 to Fund 130 to payoff the hospital equipment rather than finance it.


Budget hearing held August 30

A budget hearing was held shortly before the Choctaw County Board of Supervisors approved the 2013-2014 budget and tax levy.

No one from the public attended the public hearing on August 30.

Chris McIntire, board president, said in the hearing, that the millage rate is 79.09 mils with 1 mil equaling $115,357. The proposed millage would generate $9,123,585.10 towards the county budget.

District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers questioned whether or not all the millage set for the 2012-2013 has been collected or what funds some of it was placed in.

After a short discussion, Chambers said he would like for the board to pay extra on the hospital bond.

“I would like to see $300,000 or $400,000 extra put on that hospital fund,” said Chambers. “Especially if we can add $200,000 to our road budgets.”

McIntire said that $250,000 is due next year on the bond and they are putting $1,277,497 in the sinking fund.

“We are limited every year to increase any budget more than 10 percent, unless it’s a new growth year, like it is this year,” said McIntire.

District 4 Supervisor David Carter said he supported putting the extra funds in the road funds for paving.

“With the load on our transportation system-our roads-we need to be proactive not reactive. If we are not going to put it on our roads, then I don’t agree,” said Carter.

McIntire called for a motion to approve the budget as presented on August 30. District 2 Supervisor Larry McClain made the motion with a second from District 1 Supervisor Archie Collins. It was approved in a 4-1 vote with District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers against it.

Next the board approved the 2013-2014 tax levy at 79.09 mils with a motion by Carter and a second by McIntire. It was approved 4-1 with Chambers against the motion.

Also in the August 30 meeting, the board discussed the previously filed tax objections.

The board approved Louise Howell’s objection to her property tax. She said, when she made the objection, that the house is no longer rental property and requested the taxes to be lowered. Lori Kerr, tax assessor, recommended lowering the taxes on that property from 15 percent (used on rental property) to the 10 percent multiplier. The board approved this change.

The other tax objection was from Quantum Power requesting economic obsolesce.

In this meeting, the supervisors rejected their request.

“The board adopts evaluation of the tax assessor, after review and no further documentation given,” said McIntire as he read a written statement.

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors also approved the agenda, inventory deletions and payroll.