Supes hold meetings to discuss budget

By Amanda McBirde

The Choctaw Plaindealer


Creating and adjusting the fiscal year 2013-2014 budget has been the main topic of several Choctaw County Board of Supervisors’ meetings.

In the August 26 meeting, Board President Chris McIntire gave board members the proposed budget he had put together.

McIntire said the millage rate is the same as last year with no increase in taxes unless a person’s personal property appraisal changed.

The board discussed several portions of the proposed budget including the mil rate, future bond payments due and each district’s road fund.

Later in the meeting, the board approved the proposed budget as a working budget as required by law.

The board also held a meeting on August 27 to fully go over the budget and make any changes.

A budget public hearing will be held on August 30 and the supervisors are required by law to approve the budget by September 15.

Also in the August 26 meeting, the board met with Steven Flake with Watkins, Ward and Stafford that does the county’s audit. He went over the findings of the September 30, 2011 audit by request of District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers.

Flake explained the findings and stated if and how many have already been fixed and if the finding is common or not.

The board approved:

-To hire Shannarica Cork and Pam Bradberry as part-time 911 dispatchers at $9 an hour with a 90 day probationary period.

-To recognize Richard Dalton moving from full-time 911 dispatcher to part-time.

-Resolutions for the CDBG Project for Reform Water Association stating the ADA policy is in place, the HUD disclosure form and a Section 3 plan by requests of the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District.

-To sign and submit the annual Emergency Management Performance grant that the county will use the $17,000 toward the EMA director’s salary.

August 19

In the August 19 meeting of the Choctaw County Board of Supervisors, Pioneer Health Services asked the board to move their lease payments due date.

“It’s tough for us to make all lease payments by first of the month,” said Steve Fontaine, with Pioneer Health Services.

He said they are asking the board to consider moving their lease payments due date from the first to the tenth of the month.

District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers asked Fontaine, “Why are you delinquent? Why should we give you to the tenth?”

Fontaine said some of the then delinquent payments were nursing home lease payments and “we just got behind.”

He added that the hospital is in transition, with moving into the facility, and “that takes more money to get things going.”

“I personally have a problem with it until we see a history,” said Chambers.

The board did not take any action of the request.

The Board of Supervisors approved:

-To recognize the 16 section lease for Reform Ball park.

-Contract for smaller copier/fax machine for Chancery clerk’s office.

-To release volunteer fire department funds to each department after required paperwork is submitted to the fire coordinator.

-To increase the pay for a juror in Choctaw County from $25 a day to $40 a day, plus mileage by request of Peggy Miller, Circuit clerk. This will take affect in October.

-To allow Justice Court to dispose of financial records up to 2008 and civil and criminal records closed files up to 2006, in accordance with all laws and regulations.

-Travel for Al Montgomery, county Veteran’s Affairs officer, for mandatory training.

-Travel for Steve Montgomery, Chancery clerk, to Starkville for meeting on ambulance services.

-Contract for copy machine for the Tax Assessor’s office for $44/month using tag allotment funds.

-To acknowledge a letter from the Choctaw County Economic Development District seeking a partnership and grant to improve the Choctaw County Airport.