School Board approves intruder safety training

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


The School Board heard a presentation from Larry Rowlett, CEO of Presidential Security, during their August 12 meeting. Rowlett offered his services to review the district’s school safety plan and train Choctaw County School District personnel on what to do if an armed intruder came into the building.

Superintendent Glen Beard said the district is required to have the training and he recommends Agent Rowlett (Presidential Security).

School Board Member Derek Hunt said he would like to table it until the board has more time to look into it and wait until School Board Member Clint Huffman can attend the board meeting. Huffman was absent from this meeting.

After more discussion, Beard said, “We are charged with protecting our students. We have to decide what to do tonight. This is on my head.”

The board approved to hire Presidential Security for $18,500 to do the training.

Also addressing the board was George Coleman with the Choctaw County Steelers Youth Football and Cheer Program. He requested the board to allow the league to use the football facilities at Weir. Coleman said the teams play on Saturdays and would not affect school. Beard told the board that the league does have the required insurances to use the district’s facilities. The league currently plays at the football field in Ackerman.

After a long discussion, the School Board approved for Coleman and the league to use the football field, restrooms, concession stand and scoreboard at Weir for the fall season. After the season, Coleman is to report back to the board on how the season went.

On a different matter, the board discussed the ad valorem shortfall. Kenny Clark, business manager, said the projected shortfall is $111,369. He said the shortfall note would be spread over three years. The board approved the ad valorem resolution and the shortfall resolution.

After the meeting, Beard explained that the ad valorem resolution is to request funds as the district normally does every year. This resolution “requests the funds for general operations, debt service and when applicable, shortfall,” said Beard.

He went on to explain the shortfall.

“Last year the school did have a shortfall, meaning we did not receive the full funds requested.  So this year, the legal process is for us to take out a shortfall note and notify the county with a shortfall resolution,” said Beard.

Whether or not to charge for the use of the Choctaw County Charger logo by private businesses was on the agenda. Beard said he has had several vendors request the logo. He added that he has not released the logo to anyone.

Board members questioned if the logo should be trademarked and what if any rights the artist has to the logo. The board decided to table the matter to research it more.

Also in the discussion part of the agenda, the School Board approved to change the on campus delivery policy.

The updated policy states, “The Choctaw County School District will not allow delivery of balloons of any kind to any campuses during school hours. Other deliveries will be accepted as long as they do not interfere with instruction or create dangerous situations, both of which are up to the principal’s discretion.  There will be no glass or open water containers allowed. Neither the school nor the school district will be held responsible for the deliveries if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. Deliveries will be delivered to the main office unless there is a special occasion or holiday in which the principal will designate an area for vendors. On the days there is a holiday (example: Valentines) the vendor will provide personnel to disperse their products in the specified areas.  No deliveries will be dispersed to the students before 2 pm to help avoid interruption of the instructional day.  Deliveries for afterschool activities or events (example: pageants) will not be accepted during the school day.”

In the discussion portion of the meeting, the board discussed and approved:

-To extend the Turnipseed/Rodgers family 16th section lease for six months.

-To repair Bus 78 after repair costs ran over $500 the estimated costs.

-To upgrade the bus camera system after recommendations from Superintendent Glen Beard and Transportation Director Morgan Scribner.

-The 2014 budget certification.

The School Board held and executive session for a student and personnel matter. The board did not say if any action was taken or not after entering back into open session.

The Choctaw County School Board approved the following in the consent agenda:

-Approve employee Workshop/Conference requests.

Anthony McGee to MSTAR training in Meridian, MS.

Michelle Larabee to DTC Training in Pearl, MS

Sharon James to Culinary Arts meeting in Flowood, MS.

Francesca McGee MSIS Training in Jackson, MS.

Jessica Utley, Deborah Bruister, Amy Maxwell and Bethany Arnault to MS Association of Gifted Children meeting in Hattiesburg, MS.

Maureen Power and Shellie Anderson to MAAECF New Teacher Training in Oxford, MS.

Ashlyn Moulds to MAAECF New Teacher Training in Oxford, MS.

-Approve the Choctaw County Safe Schools Plan for 2013-2014 SY.

-Approve recommendation of Jade Orr for the Pre-kindergarten position at FCE for the 2013-2014 SY.

-Approve recommendation for Mathematics Instructional Strategies professional development for the elementary schools.

-Approve request from Ms. Sue Tarver to transfer the High School music funds from WAC to CCHS.

-Approve substitute pay rates.

-Approve transfers under the Majority to Minority rule.

-Approve fundraiser requests.

-Approve request from Morgan Scribner concerning R A Howard’s Medicare supplement.

-Approve request for Ms. Denson’s children to attend FCE where she is principal.

-Approve salary corrections for Alice Robinson and Shelia Peacock.

-Approve lease renewal of 1-18-11 for the Reform Community Park.

-Approve recommendation from MSFC to return the performance bond for the work on 16th section 16-19-10.

-Approve recommendation of Katherine Turnage, Linda Cummings, Kasey Young and Johnny Draper as a teacher substitutes for the 2013-2014 SY pending clear fingerprints, background and paperwork.

-Approve recommendation of Bethany Arnault for ½ time gifted teacher position at WES for the 2013-2014 SY.

-Approve recommendation of JoAnn Reid as half time science teacher at CCHS for the 2013-2014 SY.

-Approve financial hardship waiver request.

-Approve salary correction for Ms. Ashlyn Mounds and Marcy McGlothin.

-Approve resignation of Kenneth Scanlon as a bus driver for the CCSD.

-Approve agreement between CCSD and Millcreek of Pontotoc. This was pulled out of the consent agenda and approved after School Board Member Mike Thomas left the room.

-Approve emergency licensure application for Bethany Arnault.

-Approve contract between CCSD and North MS Educational Services, LLC.

-Approve contract between CCSD and Stacy Davis, Licensed Psychometrist.

-Approve agreement with the Central MS Head Start Program. This was pulled out of the consent agenda and approved after School Board Member Laura Gibbs left the room.

-Approve recommendation of Shirley Scott as a long-term substitute for Ms. Camp while she is out for maternity leave pending clear fingerprinting, background and paperwork.

-Approve request for the right of way roadwork and bus turnarounds.

-Approve IDEA application for the 2013-2014 SY.

The board approved the following in the financial agenda:

-Docket of Claims.

-Absentee report.

-Financial statements.

-Requests for fixed asset disposal.

The next regularly scheduled School Board meeting will be September 9 at 7 p.m. at Central Office.