20th Century Club holds planning meeting for upcoming Club year

Reported by Donna McKay, Club Reporter


The Twentieth Century Club of Ackerman met on Thursday, July 25, 2013 in the home of Chellie Cardone with nine members present. Club members enjoyed an array of delicious food prepared by Hostess Chellie Cardone.

President Susan Shurden called the planning meeting to order and then gave the meditation entitled Buzzin’ Along by Joy Bettencourt. Donna McKay was called on to led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Courtney Coleman read the minutes from the May meeting and they were approved. She then read correspondence from Caitlyn Allen (HOBY rep) and Dr. Rita Morris with the Choctaw County Animal Shelter. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Johnie Power.

Membership Chairman Ginny Lucas informed the Club that the membership prize is still up for grabs until May of 2014.

Chairman of the Nominating Committee, JoAnne Reid, informed the Club that the position of Vice President needed to be filled. The committee nominated Donna McKay to fill the position.

Fundraising Chairman Tinker Forrester provided the Club with a total of money raised through last year’s projects which included Innisbrook, Christmas t-shirts, Christmas Brunch, Pet Show and Bingo. A motion was made to continue Innisbrook as a fundraiser again this year and the vote was unanimous. A motion was made to sell Christmas t-shirts as part of the Christmas Brunch with the money benefiting the Community Improvement Project, which is the Choctaw County Animal Shelter. JoAnne Reid seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. It was also recommended to continue to host the Pet Show and Bingo at JuneFest.

Community Improvement Project Chairman Donna McKay made a motion for the club members to sign up again this year to donate dog food each month to the Choctaw County Animal Shelter. JoAnne Reid seconded and the motion carried.

President’s Special Project Chairman Chellie Cardone presented three different events to the Club. She asked that the Club prepare Thanksgiving cards and Christmas cards to be given to Veterans. Then she requested that the Club host a 5K Run to benefit the USO Wounded Warriors and to make it an annual event the same time each year. The Club would ask for help from local businesses in the form of donations and volunteering. We would also have t-shirts. A motion was made to adopt the 5K Run to be held in early April as a new Club event. It was seconded by Ginny Lucas and JoAnne Reid and the motion carried.

In new business a motion was made for the Club to help sponsor the Chamber of Commerce’s Back To School Movie Night on Friday, August 16, 2013 at the Tom Glasgow Park Amphitheater. JoAnne Reid seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. A motion was also made for the Club members to volunteer to help with the movie night if needed. Courtney Coleman seconded and the motion carried.

President Susan Shurden handed out member surveys, sign up sheets, reporting papers, important dates, “Did You Know” sheets and roster changes. JoAnne shared a Leadership tidbit and then the meeting was adjourned.