Supervisors set rent for Bonds Clinic

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


Choctaw County Supervisors set lease payment for old Bounds Clinic in their July 31 board meeting.

“The county does not receive rent on Dr. Prosser’s clinic,” said Steve Montgomery, Chancery clerk.

Pioneer Health Systems leases the Bounds Clinic from the county to house the Pioneer Medical Clinic of Ackerman, which is Dr. Sidney Prosser’s clinic.

“This is nothing in writing saying they can occupy that building,” said Steve Wright, board attorney.

District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers said he believes the county has a verbal agreement with Pioneer.

“I think we verbally agreed that we would renovate the Bounds Clinic and let Pioneer use it until the MOB (new medical office building) is complete,” said Chambers.

The county contracted with Jamie McMillian, certified real estate appraiser, to appraise the old hospital and Bounds Clinic to help the supervisors set rent for those buildings.

District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire, board president, said McMillian recommends $1,300 to $1,500 monthly rent on the Bound Clinic and $11,750 to $12,500 monthly rent on the old hospital.

“We can go below (recommendation) but we have to have an agreement that they cover all building upkeep,” said McIntire.

After a discussion, the board approved to set rent for the Bounds Clinic at $1,300 per month. They also approved to send Pioneer a letter notifying them of the rent payment.

The supervisors also briefly discussed setting a rent payment on the old hospital but did not take any action.

While discussing rent payments from Pioneer, Wright handed each supervisor a financial statement showing Pioneer’s lease payments and how much is due to the county.

As of July 31, Pioneer owes the county $39,085 for July lease payments and $29,968 for August lease payments.

Wright told the supervisors they need to develop a plan on how to get the money owed to the county.

“You need to set a precedent right now. I don’t want to see this board to get into another reoccurring fight with healthcare of this county,” said Wright.

After more discussion, the board approved to have Wright send a letter to Joe McNulty, Pioneer Health Systems CEO, stating lease payments are due as agreed upon in the lease agreement and that being behind in payments will not be acceptable.

All lease payments are due to the county by 5 p.m. on the first day of the month.

The letter would be sent if payments were not received by August 2.

UPDATE: As of August 12, the letter was sent and the county received the July lease payment for the medical office building of $14,085.

As of August 12, at the end of the supervisor meeting, Pioneer still owes the county for August lease payments which consists of nursing home $14,593, medical office building $14,085 and the Bounds Clinic $1,300 totaling $29,968.

The first lease payment on the hospital will not be due until September 1.

Also in the July 31 meeting, the supervisors discussed the new inter-local agreement with Webster and Montgomery Counties to establish a regional economic development partnership.

Each county is required to pay $40,000 to the partnership for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. The Choctaw County Economic Development Board approved earlier this year to fund the partnership for the first year.

In the meeting, the board discussed the budget amount each year and how the funds would be used in the partnership. McIntire said a preliminary budget has been formed but nothing if official yet. The board discussed how the partnership could possibly have $20,000 for operational and other expenses after a director is hired.

The supervisors approved the inter-local agreement 4-1 with Chambers voting against it.


Also in the July 31 meeting, Linda Lauderdale, chapter manager of the Red Cross, asked the county to contribute $1,000 to the Red Cross. She reassured the supervisors that the fund would be used to help Choctaw County residents.

No action was taken.

Lauderdale also explained services they offer including responding to disasters such as tornadoes and house fires, can contact military family member when an emergency at home happens, CPR/First Aid classes and more.

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors approved:


-Solid Waste adjustments.


-Bridge inspection orders for fracture critical classified bridges as recommended by Marty Crowder, county engineer.

-Program for annual bridge inspection as recommended by Crowder.

-16th section lease request and to release the leaseholder of the 2010 taxes.

-Travel for deputy Chancery clerk to Tupelo for a one-day workshop on the Affordable Health Care Act.

-Travel for fire coordinator and deputy fire coordinator to statewide mandatory meeting on October 8 and meeting in Starkville on October 13.

-Order to send to state to spend the 1 percent reappraisal funds.

-Recognize payment of approximately $600 to Barry Jo Miller, Sheriff’s deputy, and $1 an hour pay raise by request of Sheriff Cloyd Halford. Halford said Miller’s probation period was up in March and that payment reflects the pay raise.

-Recognize the Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department sick leave/vacation policy as requested by Halford.

-To publish the mobile home tax sale listing.

-Wesley Strutton as new CCSO deputy at $10 and hour, as requested by Halford.