Importance of Community Development

By Lara Bowman, Executive Director, Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce


The Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce is hosting an outdoor Back to School Movie Night on Friday, August 16. You may wonder why the Chamber of Commerce hosts events like movie night, the Kids’ Fishing Rodeo and the upcoming fall festival.

These types of events are called community development events. They do exactly what they are called; develop a sense of community amongst residents living in Choctaw County.

Community development is not about fun activities. It is the quality of life a family can receive when living in Choctaw County. A few contributors to a good quality of life are healthcare and the accessibility to receiving quality care, having a good education system not only for elementary, but post-secondary as well, and living in a community with available employment and growth opportunities.

An industry coming to Choctaw County will look at the quality of life available for their employees. A new business will not open their doors if there is not a local supportive community. So many times a big project or industry is lost or won simply based on the quality of life the employees can have in the area. A business will not bring employees in from another state if there is a failing public school system or no access to health care or high crime rates.

There must be a strong sense of community in the county for the county to continue to prosper. Events like the Kids’ Fishing Rodeo or the Back to School Movie Night develop those relationships between members of the community and the business community.

Why do businesses support community development projects? Simply put the stronger the community the better business is. When a community is thriving and locally supporting their businesses then there is a strong beneficial relationship.

Four local businesses and a community organization have sponsored the Back to School Movie Night. This is an opportunity for these local businesses to support the community that allows them to prosper and provide their services to the community.

As you come to enjoy Remember the Titans at the Back to School Movie Night be sure to thank these local sponsors by supporting them here in Choctaw County: Ackerman Twentieth Century Club, Forget Me Not Florist, Guns and Roses Pawn Shop, K & M Portables and Tonya Barlow Jewelry.