PSC passes energy efficiency rules

From Press Reports


Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announced July 11 that the Mississippi Public Service Commission has unanimously passed groundbreaking energy efficiency rules.

The rules will apply to electric and natural gas providers in Mississippi that, according to Presley, will have an estimated $2 billion savings directly to customers over the next 20 years and create 9,500 new jobs by the year 2020.

The PSC began deliberating the new rules in 2010 and took public comments from utilities, consumer groups and the business community before enacting the measure today.

“For too long, Mississippi has ranked dead last in the nation in the area of energy efficiency. I have been determined since my first day in office to get our state off of the bottom in the category.” Presley said. “This program will save customers money, utilize our natural resources efficiently, and create thousands of new jobs for our people. How much more of a win-win situation can we get? I am proud to have made the motion to make this a reality.”

The energy efficiency rules requires electric and gas utilities serving more than 25,000 customers (meters) to file Quick Start Plans with the commission within six months from the July 11 approval.

Quick Start Plans would include items such as customer education programs, energy audits and evaluations, rebates or other incentives on high-efficiency appliances, retrofitting homes and methods small businesses and industrial facilities can optimize energy efficiency.

The new service rule is intended to promote the efficient use and conservation of both electricity and natural gas. All electric and natural gas utilities, regardless of customer base, will be required to put similar programs into effect following the Quick Start Plans.