DYW Trunk Show set

By Press Reports


Marilyn Ramirez, Choctaw County’s Distinguished Young Woman, will be traveling to Meridian July 14th to compete in the state program for the title of Mississippi’s Distinguished Young Woman. The Distinguished Young Woman Program is the new title for the Junior Miss Program.

Marilyn is the daughter of Roman & Maria Ramirez. She will be a senior at Choctaw County High School where she is involved in numerous activities.

Preliminaries for the state program will be Thursday, July 18th and Friday, July 19th. Marilyn will compete in Fitness and Self-Expression one evening and talent the other evening. Finals for the top ten selected in the program will be held Saturday, July 20th. It is at the end of this evening’s competition that Mississippi’s Distinguished Young Woman will be announced.

If you would like to purchase tickets for the preliminaries and final night, you may contact Kimbo Floyd at (601)693-5353. Marilyn can also receive best wishes in the form of cards, letters, e-mail, and flowers to her in care of: Mississippi’s Distinguished Young Woman Program

Choctaw County’s Distinguished Young Woman- Marilyn Ramirez

P.O. Box 582 2400 8th Street

Meridian, MS 39302

Marilyn’s e-mail address for the week will be: marilynramirez@msjrmiss.com

Trunk show

There will be a “Trunk Show” for Miss Ramirez at the Choctaw County Library on Friday, July 12th, at 6 pm. Marilyn will be performing her talent piece and modeling her attire that she will be taking to Meridian.

The Choctaw County Distinguished Young Woman Program is sponsored by the Twentieth Century Club, who hopes that everyone will support Marilyn by writing letters, e-mails, and attending the trunk show.