Weir Kith and Kin gathering

Submitted by C.J. Johnson


Descendants of John and James Weir once again converged on the town that bears their name. Dozens of Weir kin and kith met at Weir Presbyterian Church at 11 o’clock, June 9, 2013, to visit, enjoy dinner, and participate in the family reunion.

Following the initial visiting and mid-day meal, the reunion activities began. Jane Sanders opened the business meeting, recognizing the “regulars” as well as some “new faces” in the crowd. Robert Weir introduced his new bride, Tammy. Also recognized were newlyweds Buddy and Carol Weir, who were married last August.

Offsetting these joyous additions was the notification of three deaths in the Weir family. Alma Ann Bennett, daughter of Caroline Weir and Albert George Bennett, Tim Truxillo, husband of Wanda Taylor Truxillo, and Nannie Ruth Lynch Thompson, daughter of Cora Weir and Amos Lynch, passed during the past year. But, the last bit of information was a joyous one – Carl Weir Townsend will be 90 in October!

Next on the agenda, Jennifer Weir Gerring handed out an updated genealogy, beginning with John “the Elder,” his son Thomas, and his children, including brothers John and James. Following the distribution of the revised family listing was a fun and educational competition to find the page location of the persons shown on the cover of the family genealogy.

Door prizes came next. Ms. Gerring informed everyone that the door prizes (magnets and key rings displaying the Weir tartan) were from, in case anyone wanted to get items for their family members.

Robert and Tammy Weir, from north of Chicago, won the door prize for the family who traveled the longest distance. The Poole family group raked in the prizes, first for the youngest members present (Hayden’s young grandsons), then for the largest family present (8 members), and finally, the prize for the “most experienced” (oldest) female Weir descendant – Mrs. Rosemary Higgason Poole. Bo and B. C. Weir tied for the oldest Weir men present.

Ms. Sanders thanked both Jennifer and her brother Joe for all their work, and asked Joe to give a report on the home of Col. John Weir. There was a major problem during the last year at the Weir home. An old pipe had broken, and as a result, practically all the plumbing in the house was replaced. Several minor repairs were completed as well.

A new front walk was installed from the front porch steps to a small sitting area beside the new Historical Marker from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. This marker was recently installed and dedicated. It recognizes the historical significance of the home and the Weir family.

Bo Weir commented the Weir home is now in exceptional shape – the best shape it has been in for some time. A new license is being acquired for the Bed and Breakfast operation. The Weir Home will be available not only as a B & B, but also for “daytime only” rentals as well – for meetings, reunions, parties, showers, dinners, etc. The home will provide close accommodations for visiting family and friends in Weir, rather than driving to Louisville or Kosciusko.

Ms. Sanders closed the program by stating it was unlikely that the Weir clan would start their reunion with the church’s early service; however, the Weir family should not forego their contributions to the Church as well as the Cemetery. Weir Presbyterian is one of the few remaining Presbyterian churches in the County. At one point, Choctaw County had more Presbyterian churches (7) than any other Mississippi county.