Jail Docket

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 16 incident offense reports and 39 miscellaneous reports last week.

6/9/13    Billy Johnson Jr   B/M   6/25/82 CSO   Failure To Comply & Disturbing Family Peace

6/9/13    Steve Fulgham      W/M    5/31/48   CSO A&B Alcohol Treatment

6/9/13   Rodney Denning     W/M     3/24/78 CSO Improper Equipment, Susp. D.L. & No Insurance

6/10/13   Amber B Guthrie   W/F    7/21/87 APD Seatbelt Violations, No Proof of Insurance & Driving W/Susp. D.L.

6/11/13   Michelle Robinson B/F   4/26/83   CSO Bench Warrant

6/11/13   Joey Simmons     W/M     7/3/80    CSO Simple Assault

6/11/13   Missy Thompson    W/F    5/28/74   CSO   Simple Assault

6/12/13   Fredrick Baber    B/M   7/19/87   APD Disorderly Conduct & Dist. The Peace

6/12/13   Cynthia Moore    B/F    6/15/78    APD Public Drunk & Disorderly Conduct

6/12/13   Donte Davis     B/M     3/19/84   APD Public Drunk

6/12/13   Amanda Southern B/F    3/4/80   APD Sup D.L. & Child Restraint

6/12/13   Lakendric Speight   B/M   7/19/83 APD 1000$ Commercial Bond

6/12/13   Leon Brown       B/M     6/19/52   APD Disturbance Of Business

6/13/13    Joe Coleman     W/M     1/24/62 CSO Embezzlement U/C, Embezzlement & False Pretense

6/13/13    Jeffrey Cork    B/M    3/4/85   APD Noise Ordinance Susp. D.L. & DUI 3rd

Editor’s note: Unless otherwise noted or not applicable, defendants listed in this report have only been charged with the offenses listed an have not been convicted in court. The information contained herein is derived from public records.