School Board discusses transition changes

By Amanda McBride

The Choctaw Plaindealer


The Choctaw County School Board opened the May 31 Special Meeting at the Choctaw County Courthouse in the Board of Supervisors meeting. The meeting began with Mike Thomas, board president, requesting help from the supervisors on some projects.

“We are having a tough time with expenses with this transition. We appreciate your help,” said Thomas.

He requested help and dirt with several projects at French Camp Elementary and at the parking lot next to the cafeteria at the high school.

Chris McIntire, president of the Board of Supervisors, said some of the work requested of him at FCE is building maintenance.

“Work at French Camp is a lot of wheel barrel work. I don’t mind bring dirt, but a lot of what was asked is building maintenance,” said McIntire.

Thomas responded by asking the other supervisors to help them out.

“That’s why we are asking some of our other supervisors for help,” said Thomas.

The supervisors agreed to help the school district.

The School Board then reconvened their meeting at Central Office and began with their agenda.

They discussed why the Choctaw County High School is keeping volleyball and ending slow pitch softball.

“I want our athletic programs to be diverse and reach as many athletes as possible,” said Adam Dillinger, athletic director. He added that more schools are beginning to add volleyball to their athletics.

School Board Member Laura Gibbs said that most schools within a 50-mile radius offer slow pitch and not volleyball. She added that French Camp and Weir both had slow pitch teams.

She and Dillinger discussed the similarities and differences between slow pitch softball and fast pitch softball.

Gibbs mentioned that she feels like they are “falling into what Ackerman has (sports).”

Corey Blaylock, CCHS principal, said that they are required to sign up for fall sports in January with the Mississippi High School Athletic Association.

“We would have to play an independent for two years,” said Blaylock.

Dillinger also said that other girls’ sports are offered in the fall-junior high and high school cheerleading, band and volleyball.

They also discussed how many teams in the area play volleyball and how the volleyball schedule is locked in for the next two years.

Gibbs asked for slow pitch softball to be added but no motion was made or further action was taken at this time.

The School Board continued discussing transition changes. The board approved to leave the Homecoming Court as is, with two maids per grade. The Transition Advisory Committee suggested adding two more maids per grade but the internal transition committee suggested not adding the maids due to time constraints of the Homecoming Ceremony.

The School Board approved to have dual valedictorians and salutatorians for the next two schools years. Michelle Larabee, assistant superintendent, said that one valedictorian and salutatorian, would be from the Ackerman Attendance Zone and the second set from the Weir Attendance Zone. The transition committees suggest this due to more advanced classes being offered at Ackerman than at Weir.

The board also approved to use the same process of choosing Who’s Who as before the transition.

After a discussion, the board approved to create a School Level Transition Committee for next school year. This committee will be made up of students and teachers from all three communities-Ackerman, Weir and French Camp and from the high school and elementary schools.

The School Board then discussed how to move and display trophies, banners and pictures from Ackerman High School and Weir Attendance Center.

The board approved to display all trophies from all North and South Championships and all championships from both Ackerman and Weir at the Ty Cobb. Also, all trophies form 2009-2012 will be displayed at the Ty Cobb.

Other trophies and awards will be displayed in separate display cases at Weir Elementary School and at the Ty Cobb.

The board also held an executive session on a student matter.

The Choctaw County School Board also approved:

-Discuss and approve recommendation to establish school mascot and colors at all Choctaw County Schools as the Chargers.

-Discuss and approve recommendation for a new Alma Mater to be written by former and current music teachers.

-Discuss and approve recommendation for preliminary mascot artwork for CCSD.

-Approve recommendation of Connie Baxter as Cafeteria Manager for the Choctaw County High School for the 2013-2014 SY.

-Approve Connie Baxter to attend Decide to Succeed workshop in Jackson, MS as training for the new position and the immediate payment thereof.

-Approve recommendation of Dustin Hailey for Band Director for the Choctaw County High School for the 2013-2014 SY pending clear fingerprints and background checks.

-Approve recommendation of LeAnn Crowley as assistant teacher at Ackerman Elementary School for 2013-2014 SY.

-Approve request from Glen Blaine concerning the disposal of desks and filing cabinets, to advertise for bid to sell the tractor, bush hog and finishing mower at Ackerman Elementary School.

-Approve recommendation from Mr. Beard concerning Athletic Attire.

-Approve for Maureen Power to attend MS Principal Eval System Training in Oxford, MS.

-Approve Maureen Power to attend Special Education Directors Summer Conference in Jackson, MS.

-Approve rescinding Mrs. Kirkman’s recommendation.

-Discuss and approve district summer improvement projects. Requests for FCE #7 and CCCTC #3 to have immediate payment thereof upon completion. -Discuss and approve transition summer work.

School Board Member Derek Hunt and Superintendent Glen Beard were absent from this meeting.

The School Board will hold their Budget Hearing on Tuesday, May 18 at 10 a.m. at Central Office. Then they will hold a meeting on Tuesday, May 25 at 10 a.m. at Central Office to adopt the budget.