Proclamation presented to Blackwood

District 35 Rep. Joey Hood presented Terry Blackwood with a Proclamation from himself, Speaker of the House Philip Gunn and the House of Representatives on June 2.

The Proclamation celebrates the Homecoming and accomplishments of World Acclaimed Gospel Artiest and Ackerman native Terry Blackwood.

The Proclamation states:

WHEREAS, June 2, 2013, will be a joyful day in the town of Ackerman, Mississippi, because acclaimed Christian musical artist and Ackerman, Mississippi, native son, Terry Blackwood, will perform at Ackerman Baptist Church with the Joyful Noise Quartet; and

WHEREAS, truly a native son, Terry was born in Ackerman, Mississippi, to Doyle Blackwood, who was the original cofounder and bass player of the world renowned Blackwood Brothers Quartet, which he formed in 1934 with his brothers; and

WHEREAS, the “Blackwood Brothers” name is synonymous with gospel music not only throughout the nation, but around the world on radio, recordings, television and in personal appearances; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Blackwood has taken the gift given to him by God through his father, Doyle, and nurtured it into a distinctive vocal styling that has been featured on many contemporary Christian chart-topping singles and associated with the Imperials and Andrus, Blackwood & Co., two highly acclaimed vocal groups; and

WHEREAS, he has also been a featured soloist on many of the widely popular Bill Gaither Homecoming videos; and

WHEREAS, although he has performance dates at churches around the country and with The Imperials around the world, Terry found time to return to his native Ackerman, Mississippi, to share his gift of music and passion for the word of God; and

WHEREAS, he is lovingly supported in his musical endeavors by his wife, Tina, to whom he has been blessed with three wonderful children: Luke, Jesse and Leah; and

WHEREAS, it is the policy of the House of Representatives to honor and recognize those Mississippians who have used their time, talents and treasures to bless others around the world, but still find time to return to this great state to honor their home:

NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the House of Representatives of the State of Mississippi, we do hereby congratulate world acclaimed gospel artist and Ackerman, Mississippi, native Terry Blackwood for his many accomplishments and wish him continued success.



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