Mississippi Love displayed at Courthouse

By Staff and Press Reports


A group of women have creatively expressed what they love about the state of Mississippi. The women in the Girlfriends class at Broken Wings crafted a piece of wall art for their class project. Then it was displayed at the Choctaw County Courthouse on May 30. Stop by there to see the art.

The following message was written to explain the Mississippi Love wall art.


Created by GIRLFRIENDS, A Women’s’ Ministry of BROKEN WINGS

Over several months of 2013 several women (discover our pics!) worked together (the youngest at 7 and the eldest near 80), laughed and prayed, as we created this wall art to express some of the ‘loves’ we have of our State of Mississippi. Of course it is not all encompassing but symbols chosen to remind the viewer of the many lovely things about where we live and what we need to take care of, many of the people upon whose shoulders we stand, and some of the values we hold dear.

Notice the strong MISSISSIPPI RIVER running down the whole

left side of the piece…even to a HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY NATCHEZ TRACE!;

see famous people, places and our Choctaw roots.

Hear BB’s Blues, Elvis rocks, soft country or opera and

enter the library where our

great writers are to be found.

Ride the train, see the cotton, hear the call to public service,

civil rights, and freedom of worship.

Notice the birds and bugs, bees and butterflies, as well as quilting, crochet and other forms of art…such as football!

Your stomach might rumble, as food is a love of ours: cooking, sharing a meal

with a family, taking care after a tornado with lots of love.

See the squares reminding us of the things that belong to all:

our State

bird, drink, flower, tree, fish, animal…

And as you come toward the bottom you will notice the words:


That was our motto…that’s something we really love:

an invitation to us all to share our gifts with one another.

Our way was goin’ ta GIRLFRIENDS and doing something

beautiful together for others. Enjoy!

Lynn Wise, Lilly Holland, Janice Black, Earnestine Haste, Francie Hemphill, Alana Fowler, Johnnie Ballard, Sr Alies Therese.