Letters to the editor

Thanks to the


I would like to express my gratitude to the JuneFest Committee and Town of Ackerman for helping to successfully plan and implement a family fun filled day on Saturday, June 1.

The JuneFest Committee began meeting in February to plan all of the details of JuneFest. The following individuals committed their time and talents to serve on the JuneFest Committee:

Glen Barlow, Darrell Banks, Debbie Boley, Tanya Burton, Dick Cain, Brandy Davis, Gradie Ervin, Tinker Forrester, Faye Ivy, BB Hemphill, Juli Hughes, Amanda McBride, Donna McKay, Peggy Miller, Brandt Peterson, Robin Sheedy, Pam Simpson, Linda Tharp and Kimble Winstead.

The following individuals volunteered on Saturday, June 1, at JuneFest:

Betty Bennett, Ron Bennett, Katherine Black, Trey Bowman, Debbie Bunkelman, Carey Bunkelman, Lynn Cain, Ben Chambers, Kelvin Cistrunk ,Nita Connell, Phillip Evans, Dr. Renae Evans, Christie Hemphill, Meghan McCullouch, Tori McCullouch, Kenya McKinley, Mike Pearson, Dannie Reed, Woody Simpson, Kailyn Trombly and Suzy Winstead.

The Town of Ackerman Police Department and Maintenance Crew went above and beyond their responsibilities. A special thanks to Chief Tanya Burton and Mike Brasher for all their help in preparation and planning for the festival.

JuneFest would not have been possible without all the individuals listed above. If you see any of these volunteers around the county, please tell them thank you for helping making JuneFest 2013 a success!!

Most importantly thank you to Choctaw County for coming to JuneFest and supporting the festival and vendors. If you have any questions or comments regarding JuneFest, please contact me at the Chamber of Commerce office on 55 East Quinn Street in Ackerman or at 662-285-3778.

Thank you,

Lara Bowman

Executive Director, Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce