Supervisors debate to purchase tar distributor

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors is debating on whether or not to purchase a brand new tar distributor truck for approximately $150,000.

In their previous meeting, Jay Barrett with Puckett-Caterpillar presented the board with information on a brand new tar distributor truck.

Board President Chris McIntire, District 3 supervisor, began in the discussion, in their May 6 meeting, about purchasing a new tar distributor truck.

“We all know the need we have if we are going to continue to pave roads,” said McIntire.

He also said currently there is $108,269 in the county-wide fund with no debt service. McIntire said he did some estimates that it would cost the county $38,000 a year to payoff the $150,000 or more truck in five years.

“It’s a lot of money for a machine, but I’m hoping to work out a deal with surrounding counties to pay us to use it,” said McIntire. He encouraged other board members to approve to advertise for the new machine. “We need to get the ball rolling,” said McIntire.

The county’s current tar distributor truck is over 30 years old and the county bought it used.

District 5 Supervisor asked what is the true cost to the county for purchasing, maintaining and using the machine.

“What’s the business side of it? True cost of buying this? How many miles will we pave each year?” asked Chambers.

He continued, “For me, I don’t have enough information to even publish it.”

District 1 Supervisor Archie Collins suggested contacting the state aid department to see how much they would pay the county to reseal their state aid roads.

Chambers said, “It’s about unity. About having a full business plan.”

McIntire responded, “With a unit system you have to have a four year plan. Beat system you don’t. We have 30 plus years of service and it’s gone (the current tar distributor truck).”

Chambers suggested for the county to consider hiring a paving company to pave the counties roads when needed.

District 4 Supervisor David Carter suggested at the board looking into how much it would cost for the county to hire a paving company and how much to purchase a tar distributor truck.

“Last year it took a lot of time and tar. We need to be more efficient,” said Carter.

Chambers asked McIntire to talk to surrounding counties about possibly paying to use the machine and for him to “bring your full proposal to us.”

Chambers continued, “I’m not in favor of advertising right now. I’m in favor of talking to other counties and putting together a business plan.”

The Board of Supervisors then discussed options to include in the business plan and who would work on the business plan. Chambers will put together the business plan with help from other supervisors with information.

No action was taken at this time.

Also in the board meeting, the supervisors discussed how to pay Evans Johnson Construction $680,295 for construction of the new hospital.

McIntire explained that all of the bonds funds have been used.

“We pledged to pay over and above in the hospital bonds,” said McIntire.

The $680, 295 payment to Evans Johnson is the first construction payment due out of the county’s budget, outside of the bonds.

McIntire said that according to figures by Maxey Peterson, with Pryor & Morrow, and Steve Montgomery, Chancery clerk, the county will owe $1,353,171 which includes all credits and overages. After making the $680,295 payment then the county will owe approximately $672,000 on the construction of the hospital.

After looking at funds in five different accounts that will be used to pay the construction costs, the county will be short approximately $25,000. This amount will have to come out of the county’s budget.

The board approved to pay Evans Johnson $680,295 out of Fund 125.

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors approved:


-Inventory deletion-inoperable phone.

-Travel for Chris Coleman, fire coordinator, to mandatory training on May 14 at the fire academy in Jackson.

-Travel for Chris McIntire, board president, to the Mississippi Association of Supervisors and Planning and Development District regional meetings.

-Pay Pryor and Morrow $6,133 for percentage completion of the news hospital.

-Object to three homestead exemptions and approve the remaining based on recommendations from Steve Montgomery, Chancery clerk, and Lori Kerr, tax assessor.