Complaint filed at Ackerman Aldermen meeting

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

Tina Goodin appeared before the Ackerman Board of Aldermen to file an official complaint against the Ackerman Police Department.

She said her complaint is that somehow her booking photo was circulated less than 24 hours after her April 24 arrest for driving with a suspended driver’s license.

“I’d like to formally file a complaint to find out who, how and why they did it. I’d like for ya’ll to find me some answers,” said Goodin.

She said it was a “total breach of privacy” for her booking photo to be circulated on Facebook.

Ward 4 Alderman Dale Reid assured her there would be an investigation.

“We will certainly look into it and find you some answers,” said Reid.

Mayor Dick Cain asked Police Chief Tanya Burton if she had any comments.

“Not until we find out where the booking photo came from,” said Burton. She later added that Officer Lloyd Denning, the arresting officer, was the only person that had a copy of the booking photo, during the time the photo was circulated. Burton said he followed procedure and no one else had access to the photo.

Also in the aldermen meeting, the board met with Caroline Thomas to discuss a tax lien on a portion of her property. The Town of Ackerman holds the tax deed on the land. Mayor Dick Cain said the board would look into the matter.

Ward 2 Alderman Tommy Curtis was absent from this meeting.

The Ackerman Board of Aldermen approved:
-Agenda after adding voting delegates for MML Convention.
-To award 4D Construction the 2013 Sewer Main Evaluation and Rehabilitation Project for their lowest bid of $255,889.50.
-To hire temporary summer help for the Public Works Department.
-For Mayor Dick Cain to apply for the Small Municipality & Limited Population grant.
-Voting delegates for the MML Convention as Alderman at Large Barney Phelps, Ward 3 Alderman George Rooks and Ward 2 Alderman Tommy Curtis.

The next regularly scheduled Board of Alderman meeting will be Tuesday, June 4 at 6 p.m. The meeting will not be held in the boardroom due to Election Day. The meeting will be held at Town Hall.