Supervisors discuss Pioneer lease payments

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors conducted business on April 30.
In there April 30 meeting, the board discussed Pioneer Health
Services lease payments for the Choctaw County Nursing Home. In the
meeting, it was said that Pioneer is behind nine months in making
lease payments to Choctaw County to lease the nursing home.
District 4 Supervisor David Carter said the county recently received
a check for a lease payment but Pioneer is still behind.
District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire, also board president, said he
spoke to Joe McNulty, CEO of Pioneer Health Systems, about the lease
According to McIntire, McNulty told him that they were behind because
they held the lease payments until confusion on indigent care and the
license agreement could be worked out. McNulty told McIntire that
Pioneer would begin making payments at the beginning of May, paying
every two weeks to catch up and be paid in full by September.
It was suggested to get this agreement in writing. District 5
Supervisor Eric Chambers said the county already has a written
agreement with Pioneer-their lease agreement.
After more discussion, the board approved to order Steve Wright,
county board attorney, to write and send a certified letter to
Pioneer demanding payment for the owed.
The supervisors opened bids for the county’s Reseal Project that
includes base repair, leveling, reseal, striping and signing of
21.480 miles of roads. The engineer’s estimate was $740,788.68.
Bids were received from Ausbern Construction $815, 279.71, B&M
Paving, Inc. $754, 231.75, J.J. Ferguson Sand & Gravel $758,428.85
and Kimes & Stone Construction $688,842.15.
The bids were taken under advisement then later approved.
Marty Crowder, county engineer, said the revised engineer’s estimate
is $740, 793.28 and that all bids were correct. He said the low
bidder was Kimes & Stone with a bid sever percent under the estimate
at $688, 842.16. The board approved to award the project to Kimes &
The supervisors also approved, by suggestion of Crowder, to request
advance credits from state aid to fund the Reseal Project.
The Golden Triangle Planning and Development held a public hearing
for a CDBG grant application for Reform Water Association for $6,000.
Reform WA has also applied for a $300,000 grant from ARC and $1.9
million grant and loan from USDA. Those funds will be used as
matching for the CDBG grant. No comments were made during the public
The board approved minutes from the public hearing and a resolution
stating the supervisors apply for the CDBG grant for Reform WA.
Jay Barrett with Puckett-Caterpillar presented the board with
information on a brand new tar spreader for paving roads. The
estimated cost is $150,000 for the brand new machine that can be
operated with one person inside the truck.
The board briefly discussed the proposal but took no action at this
The supervisors approved the following in their April 30 meeting:
-Postage request of $211 and issue a demand check by request of Lori
Kerr, tax assessor.
-Payment of $787,055 to Pryor and Morrow for architectural work for
the new hospital.
-Inventory deletion of inoperable copier/printer.
-Solid Waste postage request not to exceed $650 each month from now
until end of budget year.
-Solid Waste assessments.
-Travel, registration and lodging for both constables to annual
training on June 3-8.
-Pay raises for Employee 12 from $9.38 per hour to $10.38 per hour
and for Employee 123 from $8.50 per hour to $9 per hour. Raise will
be effective October 1, 2012 for Employee 123. The 90 day probation
period has ended for both employees.
-Recognize a letter from Joy Marshall and that the board’s previous
ruling stands.
-Recognize a letter from Jim Waide, attorney, and enter it into the
minutes. The letter is about dismissing the county’s lawsuit against
the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District about their
previous employee Phyllis Tate’s embezzlement.
-Payment of $2,499 to Crowder Engineering for the Maddox Road
Project. The county previously received the funds from the state.
-To provide $15,000 life insurance policies for county employees from
Always Care for $5.35 per month, per employee. This is provided to
each employee and paid by the county.
-Cancellation request and renewals, effective May 1, for the
following county insurances, by request of Mike Hughes with Weaver
Insurance: Law Enforcement Liability $15, 323, Airport Liability
$1,255, Zurich insurances for property, causality, liability, auto,
employment and public officials liability.
-To appoint Phil Evans to the Choctaw County Economic Development
District board.
April 15 meeting
The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors approved the following in
their April 15 meeting:
-Inventory deletion.
-Request from the Choctaw County Soil and Water Conservation District
annual budget amount of $14,000.
-Appoint Teresa Ryan to the Choctaw County Economic Development
District Board.
-To set aside the recent ultrasound bids and to re-advertise for bids.
-To order the tax assessor to refund Nell Woods $325 for overpayment
of her 2012 taxes.
-Reduction of assessment for Alice McMinn.
-Travel for Supervisor Chris McIntire to the Mississippi Association
of Planning and Development Conference for a Mississippi Association
of Supervisors meeting for April 24-25.