Kindergarten reading challenge held

By Staff and Press Reports

Learning to read is a challenge and a reward. Kindergartens at
Ackerman Elementary School have learned the meaning of both.

The AES Kindergarten was challenged to read 1,000 in 30 days. Glen
Blaine, AES principal, said they surpassed that goal by reading more
than 1,500 books. Actually they read 1,595 books in 30 days!

This is a huge accomplishment especially for students who began the
year by learning letters and sounds.

“It’s amazing to see them grow from knowing no sounds and no letters
to reading and writing sentences,” said Carol Ballard, AES
kindergarten teacher.

The students have worked hard throughout the year to build a vast
reading vocabulary. They have learned a growing list of sight words
to prepare them for reading.

“We are very proud of their accomplishments and are extremely
thankful for the strong support the students receive from their
parents,” said Ballard.

“Exceeding this challenge would not have been possible without the
daily cooperation of our teachers and our wonderful, supportive
families working together to educate our young learners,” she continued.

As a reward for meeting and surpassing their reading challenge, the
kindergarteners were treated to a day of fun including snow cones,
jumpers, a balloon release and much more fun.

Students enjoyed all of the activities including the yells of
happiness when they saw the balloons.

Each student held a balloon that included a note with their name, the
number of book he/she read and the email address of their teacher.
The students released the balloons at the same time and loved
watching them float away. The AES kindergarten teachers encourage
anyone that find’s a balloon to please contact the teacher by email.
Mapping the balloon’s traveling distance will surely prove to be a
valuable learning experience for children to learn local geography
and mapping skills in a meaningful way.

AES would like to thank the following companies for their support and
sponsorship for the kindergarten activities: Red Hills Operations—
Southern Company, North American Coal, Delta Telephone Company and
Chez Vous Hair Salon.