Vaughan’s Vocabulary by Don Vaughan

What is a word that sounds like it might pertain to instructing, but
doesn’t? What’s a three syllable word for a private conversation
between two persons (this is also the word for a sofa intended to
seat two). Right in the middle of this third one is the word “givers”
and at the end of it is the past tense verb for what you did with
your breakfast. And one more, which will be the fourth word starting
with the letter T, this is what you’re doing when you’re walking
around or traveling about.

Find the Vaughan’s Vocabulary Facebook page and post four sentences
in which you use each of the words; while you are there, please
“like” the page. Thank you. See how well you do with the words below.

1. indissoluble (in-di-SOL-yah-bul)
A. absolutely necessary
B. not capable of being annulled, undone, or unbroken
C. not capable of being solved
D. risky
2. picayunish (pi-kuh-YOON-ish)
A. adroitness
B. being petty or small minded
C. festive
D. frisky
3. tramontane (tra-MON-tane)
A. lying on or coming from the other side of a mountain range
B. clever
C. belonging or pertaining to the order Chelonia, comprising the turtles
D. homegrown
Let’s see how you are doing so far. No. 1 and No. 2 are B. No. 3,
tramontane, is A. Moreover, someone who dwells in a tramontane region
is considered a tramontane.
4. tellurian (te-LURE-ee-uhn)
A. of or characteristic of the earth or its inhabitants
B. having the tendency of telling news
C. the interior of a tomb
D. picturesque points out that tellurian was first used by Thomas
DeQuincy in 1846, even though it has classical Latin roots literally
meaning “one of the earth.” A is the answer.
Last week’s mystery word is dowager.
This week’s mystery word to solve can be found in the title of a work
by Betty Friedan. The word means an air or attitude of mystery and
reverence developing around someone or something.