Providence Baptist Church dedicates FLC

By Terry Harpole

On the evening of March 24, if you had been driving down Chester-
Tomnolen Road south of Little Mountain on the Natchez Trace and saw
all the cars parked around Providence Baptist Church, you might have
thought it was the church’s fifth Sunday night gospel singing, as
they are well known and well attended by many people.

However, this night was not fifth Sunday but a dedication of the
church’s new and modern Family Life Center.

After many months of praying, meeting and looking at other churches’
family life buildings, the dreams and hard work by the pastor, the
Rev. Randle Poss, and members, this building was completed.

Providence Baptist, for many years, had no church and had met in a
one-room school building until 1885, when a church was built.

During his time as pastor of Maben First Baptist from 1963-96, Poss
preached many sermons, baptized many people and helped with many
funerals in the Maben area, not only for Baptists but for many others

He went to Providence Baptist 13 years ago as interim pastor, shortly
after retiring from Maben, and remains as pastor. The church has seen
a major rebuilding in those 13 years, as well as improvement in the
landscape of the churchyard.

More than 100 people attended the dedication services of Providence
Baptist’s Family Life Center, which included a program of beautiful
music, a message by Poss and comments by others.

Visiting and refreshments followed the program, and the ladies of
Maben First Baptist generously handled the decorations.

Poss and the members of Providence stressed their appreciation for
the people’s attendance and all the help that was provided.